• With: Gov. Rick Snyder, R-Mich.

    We got rid of that, but we replaced it with a 6 percent flat net income tax for corporations. That didn't pass by a two-thirds vote. So if this proposal would have been in place, we would continue to have a job- killing, dumb tax in place. By having a regular majority, we are able to do massive tax reform very much in the positive and create jobs. And so I hope people just step back and look back to say, it may sound appealing, but it's really bad policy.


    CAVUTO: Grover Norquist might like this, but you do not?

    SNYDER: Well, again, I don't know why anyone would like it, if you really look at it.

    To give essentially minority control, it really is helping special interests keep on doing special interest things, instead of the big interests of people, is what this proposal would do.

    CAVUTO: Governor Snyder, thank you. It's always good to see you.

    SNYDER: Great to see you.

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