• With: Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., vice presidential nominee

    But Benjamin Netanyahu was, as you know, at the United Nations today, congressman, and warning in the starkest terms about how bad this Iran thing is getting. What would be the position of you and Mitt Romney as to how to handle Iran that's different from this administration, short of just going to war?

    RYAN: Well, first of all, our policy is to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapons capability.

    The best way to prevent war is to be resolved, is to have peace through strength, is not to gut your military, which is what the president is doing. I would have pushed -- we pushed for these sanctions three years ago that are just now coming into place only because of bipartisan opposition to the Obama opposition.

    President Obama tried to backslide on these sanctions, fought us for years in Congress. We finally got them in place. They're beginning to work. And I also don't think the president is speaking with credibility when he talks about all options being on the table, because his administration sends mixed signals on this front.

    And, therefore, we don't -- we're not seen as credible. I fear that the result of the Obama foreign policy is to project weakness, complicity, moral equivocation abroad. And look at the results. Iran is four years closer toward a nuclear weapon.

    We said Bashar al-Assad needs to go a year ago just after we called him a reformer, and he's slaughtered 20,000 of his people with Russian weapons. And we are letting Russia basically veto our resolutions at the Security Council.

    So this is not going well for us. We're seeing our flags being burned around the country -- around the world. And I would argue this is a large part because we look weak.

    We won't be like that. The Romney foreign policy will be a peace- through-strength foreign policy. We will speak with clarity for freedom, for individual rights, for women's rights, for religious freedom, freedom of speech. And we will support those democracy movements. We will support those yearning for democracy. And we will not gut our military. We want to have the strongest military unquestioned. And I fear that all these cuts the president's pursuing, all this complicity that's projecting weakness.

    CAVUTO: Paul Ryan, thank you very much. Good seeing you again.

    RYAN: You bet. Take care, Neil.

    CAVUTO: All right, the Republican vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan.

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