• With: Douglas Wilder, former Virginia governor

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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": Well, "Your World" is front and center right now.

    Do any of you remember this?


    DOUG WILDER (D), FORMER VIRGINIA GOVERNOR: We all know he's gaffe-prone. But when you make a statement that says they are going to put "Ya'll back in chains," which means I'm OK, not going to happen to me, and they...

    CAVUTO: Well, that's interesting, yes, yes.

    WILDER: We will work through it, but ya'll will be in chains.

    Now, slavery is nothing to joke about.


    CAVUTO: That became a big issue at the White House today.


    UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: You don't understand why Wilder would be offended by the comments?

    JAY CARNEY, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I understand that one person has expressed his opinion that he's offended by it.

    QUESTION: This is more than one person.


    UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: This is the first African-American governor since Reconstruction.

    CARNEY: The vice president's intention was clear. What he was talking about is clear.


    UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: ... It's obviously not clear.

    CARNEY: Is it not clear to you? Was he not talking about Wall Street...?


    UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: I thought -- personally, I think when you use the word chains in a crowd with many African-Americans you better be careful of what you're talking about.

    CARNEY: I think the vice president at a later event made clear that his word choice was off.


    CAVUTO: Well, it started here and now Fox on top of the fast and furious reaction everywhere.

    Welcome, everybody. I'm Neil Cavuto.

    And Doug Wilder likes to tell me he's just a modest former governor, but in his scathing attack of Joe Biden, this particular former governor stood out. For one, he is a Democrat, and for another he is an African- American, the first African-American governor in this country.

    So, let's just say when this otherwise gentlemanly Virginian gets upset and catches something a certain vice president apparently even now just doesn't get, well, this line gets noticed.


    WILDER: Speak to them as equals, and not they are going to put ya'll back in chains, which means you are separating yourself from you all.


    CAVUTO: And again this from a stammering White House dash a stammering White House.


    UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Do you think that first African-American governor since Reconstruction is, as you put, it trying to make something out of nothing and distract from policy debates, or does he have a point?


    CARNEY: He doesn't have a point. The vice president was talking about Wall Street reform.


    CAVUTO: All right, Governor Wilder is back with us right now.

    Governor, good to have you back on the phone.