• With: Mark Levin, radio host

    LEVIN: Look, once again...


    CAVUTO: No, no entrepreneur is on his own. But no entrepreneur can succeed when they're being taxed at a confiscatory tax rate, corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, personal income taxes, when they have the EPA and the Interior Department and every other department in their face.

    Once again, I want to repeat, this isn't about roads and cops and firefighters and bridges. This is about fundamentally transforming our society. ObamaCare has nothing to do about roads and bridges.

    CAVUTO: But, Mark, Mark, now, you're not listening. He is saying that if there were not those roads and bridges, then Bill Gates could have never gotten to work.

    LEVIN: Bill Gates could never have gotten to work?

    CAVUTO: There you go.

    LEVIN: Last time, I thought he was holed up in a dorm room dropping out of Harvard with some guy; had nothing to do with roads and bridges.

    CAVUTO: But you think this is a seminal shift, that this is a moment that is going to give all voters pause? Or do you think it just passes by and people do not make a big deal of it?

    LEVIN: I don't know if it's a seminal moment or not.

    Typically, you have to look back to figure that out.

    CAVUTO: Right.

    LEVIN: My guess is that if Romney keeps up -- and it's not an attack -- if he keeps exposing Obama for what and who he is, and telling his story about who he is and what he supports and I think he'll do OK.

    I don't know, but he's up against a really thuggish campaign. You listen to this Axelrod and so forth. And they have to be prepared to hit low, as well as hit high.

    CAVUTO: All right, Mark, for now, I'm putting you down as a maybe on the president.


    CAVUTO: But, seriously, it's always good having you.

    LEVIN: I'm not in favor of imperial presidents. I never have been.

    CAVUTO: OK. Let me write that down.

    LEVIN: Yes. Yes.

    CAVUTO: Imperial.

    Mark, seriously, very good to have you, my friend. Be well.

    LEVIN: God bless. Take care.

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