• With: Mitt Romney, presidential candidate

    ROMNEY: Yes. Yes.

    I don't know why that is. I expect that, by the time this campaign is over, whether you are single or married, black or white, Hispanic or non Hispanic, that you're going to recognize that the policies I proposed will do a better job helping Americans than the policies the president is following.

    He has put us on a track where we're seeing chronic high levels of unemployment, no wage growth, and we're on track to becoming like -- like Europe, Italy, Spain, Greece, with fiscal calamity at the doorstep. That is not the course that the American people want.

    And I think if I continue to make that -- that -- that message clear, boy, I'll get the support I need to become the president come November.

    CAVUTO: Governor, President Obama made some news last night speaking to a -- I believe it was a Miami Spanish-language station, saying that Hugo Chavez of Venezuela posed no serious national threat to the United States.

    What did you make of that?

    ROMNEY: I was stunned by his comments and shocked by them.

    This is Hugo Chavez. This is Venezuela. This is Chavez, who has invited Iran in, who's invited Hezbollah. Hezbollah, of course, being a surrogate and a proxy for Iran, would potentially have access to weapons that could be used against us.

    This is -- this is Chavez, who championed the Bolivian Revolution movement and is spreading dictatorships and tyranny throughout Latin America. This is Chavez, who supports FARC and other terrorist activity in nations such like Colombia that are our friends.

    The idea that this nation, that this president doesn't pose a national security threat to this country is simply naive. It's an extraordinary admission on the part of this president to be completely out of touch with what's happening in Latin America. Latin America is critical to America, to the United States of America. And the president needs to focus on what's happening there, what Chavez is doing, what the Castro's are doing. These are people who call for terrible acts against America. And to suggest that somehow this isn't important is I think a very misguided and misdirected thought on the part of our president.

    CAVUTO: Governor, if I could switch gears a little bit, I do want to ask you, because I have heard rumors that you might make your running mate choice before the convention. Is that true?

    ROMNEY: I can't tell you anything about the VP process, Neil. You know that. If I did, I'd have to...


    ROMNEY: I would have to come after you with my "Men in Black" flashlight and try and erase your memory.


    CAVUTO: But if -- for example, if someone has not been vetted yet, is it fair to say he or she is not being considered?

    ROMNEY: I've got nothing for you, Neil. I have got nothing for you on the vice presidential process.

    CAVUTO: He? She? He? She? How about that?

    ROMNEY: We are working that very close to vest. You know, again, nothing means nothing.


    CAVUTO: All right. Well, I tried.

    Governor, thank you very much. It's always a pleasure. Be well.

    ROMNEY: Thanks, Neil. Good to be with you.


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