• With: Gov. Jan Brewer, R-Ariz.

    CAVUTO: Well, do you think that for the reporter -- it was inappropriate for the reporter to act as he was?

    BREWER: I was asked that earlier today.

    And at first, I was a little cavalier. And I said, well, you know, the bottom line is, it happens to me all the time, get used to it. It's not for me to decide. I guess it's for others to decide in that regard. Sometimes, the press are kind of aggressive. And we tolerate it. I tolerate it every day.

    CAVUTO: That is a bipartisan view, isn't it? You guys just don't flip over us. I guess sometimes I can understand why.


    CAVUTO: But, Governor, now I want to know where we go with this. The argument has always been you can't shift 21 million, whatever that number is, and it's all over the map, back to Mexico or wherever, so there has got to be a way of taking at least some of them, particularly maybe the kids of some of them, and allowing there to be, as John McCain once put it, a path to citizenship.

    If this path isn't the way, Governor, what path is?

    BREWER: Well, this might be the path down the road, but it's not the path at this time.

    Our mission right now is to get control of our borders, to stop this illegal immigration. And then we can all come together. And we ought to be able to come up and find a solution. But up until that time, even my president whom was a role model for you, President Reagan, he promised that he would secure the borders when he gave amnesty, and he didn't do it.

    And so today we are still fighting the same issue. My goodness.

    CAVUTO: Are you going to fight this, Governor? Is there anything you can do in Arizona or promise to do?

    BREWER: Secure our border.

    CAVUTO: What are you going to do in your state?

    BREWER: I don't know. This is breaking news.

    I have done everything that I could do and I will continue to do everything that I can do in the future in order to get our border secure, because that is the root of the problem.


    CAVUTO: No, I understand that, Governor. But if the president is saying this guy has a permit, he's free to go, leave him alone, don't hassle him, Governor Jan Brewer in Arizona is going to say what?

    BREWER: I don't know if the people of America -- it doesn't matter what Jan Brewer is going to say. Are the lawful American citizens of America, of the United States, are they going to sit back and say that the rule of law is no longer important? And if he's allowed to do this under the guise of Homeland Security rules and policies, what more can he do to us?

    CAVUTO: All right, Governor Brewer, thank you very much.

    BREWER: I mean, why...

    CAVUTO: Go ahead. Finish that statement. I'm sorry.

    BREWER: Thank you, Neil.

    I mean, this is the problem. When they start down this path, what more are they going to do to us?

    CAVUTO: OK.;

    BREWER: I mean, they can do anything.

    CAVUTO: Thank you, Governor, very, very much.

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