• We're going prime time.

    And you folks didn't waste any time weighing in.

    Fox Business Network show moving to 8 p.m., starting next week.

    And talk about hitting the ground running!!

    Our very first night...

    Live from Madison, Wisconsin...the scene of this year's big recall election and

    Governor Scott Walker stays...or goes.

    Keith via MSN.

    "Talk about baptism by fire! Hell, Cavuto, I hate you...but even I’ll watch your opening night to see those union guys pouncing the you-know-what out of you!"

    Sara, via Yahoo.

    "Must you risk getting beaten up your very first night in prime time?!! Be careful out there, Neil!! I'll be watching and praying!!"

    Giovani, Manchester, New Hampshire.

    "Congratulations, Cavuto, you give hope to fat, ugly, nerdy, totally loser men everywhere!! …that if you work hard enough and study long enough...

    "...you too can get all those girls who turned you down for dates, cursing themselves for being so stupid! My fellow paisan, dorks of the world salute you!"

    "grazi," Giovani. "grazi."

    Colleen via Earthlink.net

    "Yes!! My husband and I are so excited to hear that you will be on FBN at 8 p.m., Neil!!...now we can watch Lou Dobbs, followed by you, and enjoy two hours of smart discussions again!!...

    "Wow!!...Brilliant programming and so welcome in our house!!"

    Thank you very much, Colleen.

    Kurt in Oklahoma.

    "Tell me one reason why I should switch from O'Reilly to you, Cavuto."

    I won't be selling doormats, Kurt.

    Sanjiv in Fort Worth, Texas.

    "Congratulations, I for one do welcome this move…you go, man."

    Donny in Nutley, N.J.

    "Cavuto, you're too nice for 8 p.m. hate to break it to you, pal, at that hour, guys like you are eaten alive."

    Donny, are you seriously saying someone can out-eat me? Really?

    Sanya, via AOL.

    "I don't like you at four; I don't like you at six. I don't like you, period. Even if you were the last TV show on the planet...

    "...I’d sooner stick my head in a blender than watch a minute of you on TV. You're that awful, and that ugly."

    Sanya, I suspect you're "really" Bill O'Reilly. 'Fess up, factor!!

    Talia e-mails.

    "I’ve always thought you should be in prime time, so more people could get to see you. But I really do love bill. What do I do?"

    Tivo, Bill. Or break yourself in, slowly, click to me during his commercials. Trust me, he won't mind.

    Kevin in Providence.

    "I know the factor. I love the factor. After all these years, the factor's become a friend of mine. News alert, cinder block head, you're no factor! Ain't watching!!"

    Kevin, I’m betting you will. I'm betting you will.

    Olivia in Washington, D.C.

    "The broadcast landscape is littered with those who've stupidly tried taking on bill at 8 p.m. …So, that makes you stupid."