• With: Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio

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    JOE BIDEN, U.S. VICE-PRESIDENT: As you have begun to see in the valley, things really are starting to come back.


    BIDEN: There are signs of life and hope in the heartland.



    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: Well, is it time for Joe to go slow? Vice President Joe Biden in the Buckeye State talking up the president’s policies as unemployment in Ohio going down, and a lot.

    But who is really to thank for that? In the past year-and-a-half, Ohio’s jobless rate has slipped from 9 percent to around 7.5 percent.

    And guess who is governor? Well, this guy. He’s a Republican.

    Governor John Kasich joining me right now.


    CAVUTO: Governor, you and I have chatted about this before.

    It’s always good to have you, by the way.

    GOV. JOHN KASICH, R-OHIO: Thank you.

    CAVUTO: And I know you said, look, if the president benefits, so be it. I want the people in Ohio to benefit. That matters more.

    But does it bother you on that level that the administration is taking credit for what you are doing?

    KASICH: No, Neil, it doesn’t bother me, but I will point out a couple things.

    First of all, we were near death before we -- here in the state of Ohio before we fixed things here. We had an $8 billion hole. We balanced our budget. We cut taxes. We’ve streamlined our regulation. We have privatized our development operation. And we are now the number one job creator in the Midwest. We were 48 in the country and we’re number five in the country.

    So, look, we are outperforming all these other states in our region and it’s fantastic. We have a long way to go. Our unemployment is still too high, but, look, what we have done is provide certainty to companies so they can feel safe in coming to Ohio. And we’ve created diversity.

    I mean, the single biggest the growth sector -- and these numbers change all time, but the single biggest one is financial services, and then health. We have created 1,400 direct auto manufacturing jobs, but we’ve created a net of almost 73,000 jobs.

    So we’ve diversified. We’re safe. I talk to CEOs all the time and I pitched the fact that when the rest of the world is having their credit downgraded, Ohio -- including America -- Ohio has had its credit improved.

    CAVUTO: All right, but I will be crassly political, if you don’t mind, Governor, and say...

    KASICH: Yes.

    CAVUTO: ... won’t that be a kick in the heinie if it’s the president, because of the improvement in your bellwether, crucial, "Republican got to win" state, ends up winning it and getting reelected because of you?

    KASICH: Neil, Neil, here’s the thing.

    My job is to try and get people to work. It helps the families. It gets kids out of poverty. I mean, I have no regrets of the fact that we are doing better. And I don’t think about it. I honestly don’t.


    KASICH: And the fact is, I’ve got to do my job, Neil, and I’ve been in politics before, and I’m in it again. And you start worrying about all these results or who gets credit, and I think you just have lost your way.

    CAVUTO: No, you are a gentleman about it, and I am not, so I will indulge one point here, that if...

    KASICH: Well, I can tell you this. The president’s policies in Washington have hurt us out here, frankly.


    CAVUTO: Well, that was going to be my next question, that that -- is it -- for Joe Biden to come and say, look, because of us...

    KASICH: He shouldn’t say that.

    CAVUTO: ... we’re seeing this, what do you say?

    KASICH: Well, Joe told me he was a good golfer, too, and I played with him. So...


    KASICH: No, the fact of the matter is, Neil, that what’s causing us not to grow as fast as we should in Ohio is uncertainty. It’s ObamaCare because companies don’t know what the cost -- it is the unwillingness to invest because they say they want to tax people who are successful.

    It’s over-regulation. They forced the shutting down of a number of our coal plants out here. And, look, it’s a lot of things that have created uncertainty in the minds of job creators. If we were to remove that uncertainty, Ohio would grow much faster.