• With: Alan Simpson, former National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform co-chair

    SIMPSON: And I like Romney. The president appointed me to this. I am obviously not voting for him, but I think Romney’s the guy. And I think anybody that says, well, Romney...

    CAVUTO: But he’s not embraced what you are doing, Alan.

    SIMPSON: Nobody embraces what we are doing.

    They will get cremated. Nobody has mentioned a thing anything about Social Security, even when they’re told that it’s going down the road three years quicker than it was supposed to.

    CAVUTO: Well, because you say all these awful things about old people. That’s why.

    SIMPSON: I know it. Well, I’m talking about old selfish people. I’m talking about guys on Medicare who are not means-tested who get a heart operation worth $200,000, don’t even get a bill, and they can buy this studio. I talk about those people. They’re selfish, plain damn selfish.

    CAVUTO: They can’t buy this studio -- maybe rent it, but they can’t buy it.


    CAVUTO: Alan Simpson...

    SIMPSON: Well, they could lease it or something.


    CAVUTO: Alan Simpson, you’re the best. Thank you very, very much.

    SIMPSON: Thank you.

    CAVUTO: Agree or disagree, in a land where everyone says vanilla stuff and never means a word of it, this guy is clear, clear as a bell.

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