• With: Tracy Postert, ActionBioMed.com founder

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    TRACY POSTERT, OWNER, ACTIONBIOMED.COM: People were telling me, get a job -- and so I said, OK, I will -- and asked me if I would consider a job on Wall Street, and I said yes.

    CAVUTO: Do you like the job?

    POSTERT: I do. I really like it.


    CAVUTO: I think we got thousands of e-mails on this woman.

    She is back. A few months later, the Occupier-turned-Wall-Street- employee set to occupy a new business, her own.

    Tracy Postert joins us right now.

    Tracy, good to have you back. Congratulations.

    POSTERT: Thanks for having me.

    CAVUTO: Why are you off on your own now?

    POSTERT: Well, I kind of started off on my own. I’m not on my own. I’m just following my own path.

    CAVUTO: So you were hired by a Wall Street firm...

    POSTERT: Yes.

    CAVUTO: ... Tom Belesis’s firm, right?


    POSTERT: Yes, John Thomas Financial.

    CAVUTO: Right.

    You didn’t stick around there very long.

    POSTERT: No, I didn’t, just five months. But I was really glad for the opportunity, and I was eager to work for them and eager to check it out.

    CAVUTO: Now, how did a lot of your fellow Occupiers feel at the time? Because a lot of them, that was the rap against them. Oh, you love to protest about the lack of jobs, but you’re not signing up to try to apply for one.

    POSTERT: Well, they were a little bit suspicious.

    They questioned me, are you a traitor, like they say, et cetera, but...

    CAVUTO: What did you say?

    POSTERT: I said no, that I just needed a job just like everyone else.

    And, you know, this past few months, I have continued to work for them, and to volunteer on the weekends serving food, and, you know...


    CAVUTO: So you still believe in their cause.

    POSTERT: Most of what they say I still believe really in.

    CAVUTO: What is their cause?


    POSTERT: I am not a spokesperson for Occupy Wall Street.

    CAVUTO: I understand.

    POSTERT: But they basically think that the rules are unfair in our society right now, that the rules could be better for the people that don’t have as much money, and that the top 1 percent have too much of a control over sort of the financial runnings of our society, that not enough of the money is getting to the lower classes.

    CAVUTO: Well, you are on the way to the top 1 percent.

    POSTERT: We will see. But even I don’t make a lot of money out of my latest venture...

    CAVUTO: Understood.

    POSTERT: ... I will still be doing what I like to do.