• With: Gov. Mitt Romney, presidential candidate

    CAVUTO: Alright, but I guess to the point.

    I did actually have a serious point about whether your running mate should be counter to at least your image. You're sort of buttoned-down, very serious, you know, this corporate guy, and that maybe a running-mate should be a little younger, a little looser. Maybe a Marco Rubio comes to mind.

    What do you think?

    ROMNEY: I don't know if you're available, Neil, but I appreciate the input.

    CAVUTO: I can't sing. I can't sing. We're doomed.


    ROMNEY: Right. Right, can't sing.


    ROMNEY: Frankly, I think what the American people would look for in a vice-president is someone who they believe could be president if that were necessary.

    And that's probably the quality that is most important.

    CAVUTO: Very quickly, and very finally, Governor, there's a distinction in some of the polls that show how registered voters feel vs. most likely voters.

    Our Dick Morris has been looking at this most likely voter type polling that shows you doing better among that group. That is, again, most likely to show up at the polls we're told. And that you could be doing markedly better than the media officially says. Now, you and your guys crunched these numbers. Is that the case? Is your data telling you that?

    ROMNEY:  You know, that's encouraging, I had not heard that. I don't look at a lot of polls, to be honest, Neil, because I happen to know that, six months out, they really don't tell you much of anything. It's going to be very different between now and November. My guess is at some point I'll lead, at some point he'll lead; probably by a lot, in both directions.

    But at the final analysis, I expect the American people are going to say, who is it that will make sure we have an America that creates the kind of jobs and the rising incomes that we need, and our kids need, and that can slay this deficit beast? And I can. And he can't. And I've proven that. And he's proven he can't. So I think that's how I win.

    CAVUTO: Governor Romney, thank you for taking the time. We appreciate it.

    ROMNEY: Thanks, Neil. Good to be with you.

    CAVUTO: Governor Mitt Romney.

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