• With: Gov. Rick Scott, R-Fla.

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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": On the job hunt? Well, so is Florida Governor Rick Scott. He is set to announce an effort to bring jobs from New York City to his home state. He joins me right now.

    Governor, always great to have you.

    GOV. RICK SCOTT, R-FLA.: It’s nice having you.

    I just got back from New York and you could just see the unbelievable opportunity for New York businesses and New York employees to do so much better in Florida.

    CAVUTO: I am sure Mayor Bloomberg appreciated your efforts, but what are you trying to do?


    SCOTT: Oh, gosh, well, I want American businesses to do well and we’re competing in the world market.

    And I know that they can do a better job if they are headquartered and if they work in Florida.

    CAVUTO: So what are you doing?

    SCOTT: On top of having -- well, I have written a letter and I will be calling on -- basically, I start with the 100 largest companies in New York, and I will be calling on their CEOs and I wrote them a letter today.

    And then I will just continue to do that to let them know not only is our weather better, we have got a lower cost of living, but also, it is just a better place to do business so they can compete in the world market way better than you can if you are sitting in New York City or New York State.

    CAVUTO: Governor, this comes at a time when a lot of your colleagues across other states are trying to do similar things. The governor of Indiana is trying to woo folks and businesses from Illinois and the governor of Ohio trying to woo folks from both of those states, and all bragging about lower tax rates and better business environments.

    Who wins in a contest like this?

    SCOTT: Florida wins.

    Look, if you look at our tax rates, our business tax, we’re the fifth lowest. The four lower than us are the two Dakotas and Wyoming and Alaska. Great states. Now, we’re not competing with them. New York in that survey is number 49. We are number five. Of the most populous states, we’re number one.

    With regard to regulation we are dramatically better than New York. Teacher quality, something important to everything, we are number one in the country. Work force training, according to the U.S. Chamber, we are number one in the country.

    So if you think about the things that are important to businesses and their customers, so the business can do better, clearly Florida is a better choice.

    CAVUTO: But why geographically did you have to make the haul to New York? Around you, you could have easily gone to any one of the Southern states. But some of them have lower rates and better business environments than yours, right, South Carolina and to a lesser extent Georgia.

    SCOTT: Oh, no.

    CAVUTO: So why not make the pitch there?

    SCOTT: Well, first off, if you look at the dichotomy, we’re number five and New York is number 49. So, the spread is dramatic.


    CAVUTO: In other words, you are saying New York was worth the trip.

    SCOTT: Oh, gosh, absolutely.

    We’re doing really well. There a lot of companies that are coming down from the Northeast, especially New York, because of taxes, because of regulation, because of permitting processes. So we are clearly the place - - if you want to do business, you want to come to Florida.

    Think about you as a customer. You are not willing to pay more because a company is headquartered or does business in a jurisdiction with higher taxes, more costs and regulation, more litigation risk. And plus you want to live in an environment with great benches and great weather.


    CAVUTO: There is no doubt.

    But, Governor, I’m wondering if there is a stigma, fairly or not, attached to Florida, that was the ground zero in the real estate meltdown and a lot of the businesses might be saying, well, we are not so sure of that. We’re not sure they are out of the...


    SCOTT: Well, you are right. You better start hurrying up and buying these homes down here. Our home are doing very well.


    SCOTT: Our home sales are up 8 percent.

    Think about it, Neil. If you make $125,000 in New York City, it is worth -- down here you are buying power is $208,000. Think about what you can do as far as education for your child and transportation and vacation and housing and all these things. Plus, today, I think it is about 30 degrees warmer here than it is in New York City. So the weather is great. The beaches are great. The regulation is better, all these things that make it easier for your business to be well.

    CAVUTO: No, no, no, Governor, we love Florida, but it is hot in the summer and humid in the summer. That’s all I’m saying.

    SCOTT: Yes. If you want to do well in business, this is the state.

    CAVUTO: There’s air conditioning there.

    SCOTT: Now we have air conditioning, of course.