• You know how I know China's going be the top economic power on the planet?

    They "want" to be the top economic power on the planet.

    And you know how I know we're "not" going to be the top economic power on the planet?

    We "don't" want to be the top economic power on the planet.

    It's as simple as that.

    Because if you're going all out to be number one, you're going all "in" on everything it takes to "be" number one.

    Super powers "blitz," they don't "bounce."

    China's blitzing. We're bouncing.

    China's blitzing on every drop of oil it can find wherever it can find it.

    We're bouncing around on oil, ignoring vast tracts of land where we know we have it.

    China has less oil than we do but now it owns the top individual producer of it.

    PetroChina is number one because China's all in.

    ExxonMobil's now number two because we still can't figure it out.

    China pummels its companies to expand abroad.

    We punish our companies that expand abroad.

    China doesn't care where the sales come from, as long as they come back to china.

    We have a huge issue where the sales come from, even when they come back to us.

    China doesn't much care how many workers its companies hire abroad.

    As long as those foreign workers know who hired 'em, and who's paying 'em back home.

    China figures it all comes back to china.

    We figure it all better stay here.

    China gets capitalism.

    We apparently forgot capitalism.

    China makes partnerships that benefit China.

    We make partnerships that benefit no one.

    China's minting wealth at ten times our rate.

    We rip wealth and all but say being rich doesn't rate.

    China pushes its workers to produce more than anyone on Earth.

    Half our citizens here are on the government dole...about the highest percentage on earth.

    China's now conquering space.

    We've given up on space.

    China's talking about going to mars.

    We're still building bridges to nowhere.

    China's playing to win.

    We're playing to lose.

    China seizes on our mistakes.

    We keep making mistakes.

    China comes to Canada to say, we'll buy your oil.

    Within hours of our canceling keystone...