• Bad numbers...on them.

    Good numbers...on us.

    I've noticed this trend of late...that with every improving economic stat, the administration takes a bow.

    This stronger-than-expected 3 percent spurt in the fourth quarter GDP, the latest example.

    But every bit of bad news...it takes a pass.

    So when a bad employment number comes out...its part of "the mess we inherited."

    When a good one surfaces...it's "thanks, to the fix we initiated."

    It's human nature, I suppose.

    But this white house has made it an art form.

    If they're up against a deadline and not getting their way...

    It's because Republicans are blocking 'em.

    But when Republicans agree to white house demands...

    A big press conference to announce 'em caving to those demands.

    They can't win. But the president can. And does...

    I guess that's what presidents do.

    And this president's quite right to say he inherited a mess.

    He did.

    Leaving aside a "democratic" congress for most of that time "before" had a hand in that mess, and a congress, by the way...

    Of which "Senator" Obama was part.

    But back to the inherited thing.

    What's the statute of limitations on it?

    One year? Two years? Three years?

    Until the numbers get good, no matter the years?

    Then the recovery that looked like a mess just the month before, because of the other guy... Turns suddenly better the next month, because of "you,” the new guy. The suddenly getting-it-done guy?

    Here's the beauty of that strategy.

    You can keep using it "as" things get better.

    For those times "some" things do not.

    Then when some bad stuff happens, it's an earthquake in Japan...

    Or unrest in Egypt...

    Or a partial eclipse of the moon...

    Or a full eclipse of the sun. You get the point.

    There is no point!

    It's like the retailer that blames the bad weather when sales are bad.

    But never mentions the "good weather" when sales are good. Then it's good management.

    Good grief.

    John Kennedy once said, "Victory has one hundred fathers, and defeat is an orphan."

    But that didn't stop him from owning up to a "bay of pigs" fiasco, for which, at the very least, he had company.

    JFK chose not to go that route.

    No talk from this young, new president about a young, new president and the mess he inherited.