• With: Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

    You and I have disagreed from time to time, but one thing we agree, every we have raised taxes, it has hurt our economy. And there’ll be people who say that is not true.

    CAVUTO: The president wouldn’t let go of it today, Senator. What did you make of that? Even in his remarks on this whole deal, tax hikes, tax hikes?


    MCCAIN: ... just wants to spend money. Hello? He just wants to spend more money.

    You and I are -- remember when Ronald Reagan said the worst deal he ever made was when he sat down with the Democrats and said they would cut spending $3 and raise taxes for every $1. Guess what? They raised taxes and they didn’t cut spending.

    That’s why the Tea Partiers and others would – I’m not a Tea Partier -- but the fact is, we need a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. We couldn’t get it through the Senate as the Senate is presently constituted.

    CAVUTO: People just have to look at the reality of that.

    MCCAIN: But we have to pass it. We have to get a constitutional amendment.

    CAVUTO: All right, Senator, always good seeing you. Get home safe.

    MCCAIN: Thanks for having me on. It’s great to see you.

    CAVUTO: Same here. Same here.

    MCCAIN: It’s wonderful to see you, Neil.

    (CROSSTALK) CAVUTO: I know that you’re a grudging viewer.

    MCCAIN: I don’t care what the rest of these guys say about you. I think you’re doing a great job.

    (LAUGHTER) CAVUTO: John McCain, the former presidential candidate, Republican dynamo here in these parts.

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