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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: One of my favorite guests of all time: From bashing big to passing fit, Richard Simmons just rocking the House of Representatives, members voting to pass his Fit Kids Act. They're trying to jump-start physical education in schools.

    Let's just say Richard's a little excited. I was wrong on this. I didn't think this would happen.

    RICHARD SIMMONS, FOUNDER, RICHARD SIMMONS INC.: Say it again. Say it again. Say it again.

    CAVUTO: I was wrong.

    SIMMONS: "I was wrong." Say it again. Say it again.

    CAVUTO: I was wrong.

    SIMMONS: Mother, daughter.


    SIMMONS: Faye Dunaway in "Chinatown."

    CAVUTO: You did this.

    SIMMONS: Neil, where are the flowers?

    CAVUTO: Well...

    SIMMONS: Where is the dinner tonight?

    CAVUTO: Well, careful. I mean, it's — you were right. How did you know that this would get through? Because a lot of these guys, they wouldn't strike me as your fans. But —

    SIMMONS: Well, it's not that they're my fans. They just believe in what I do. Our kids are overweight. They're obese. I have worked three-and-a-half years to get this bill passed.

    CAVUTO: We should explain what the bill is. It requires...

    SIMMONS: The bill is — the Fit Kids bill is — we're going to all the schools and find out what they're doing and see if we can improve upon it, so we can get physical fitness back in the school system in a big way.

    CAVUTO: I see.

    SIMMONS: No flowers, no roses, no nothing. You're cheap.

    CAVUTO: Get over it.

    SIMMONS: You sat here — I'm not — I can't get over it. You sat here and you said, it will never happen.

    CAVUTO: I —

    SIMMONS: Wait. You cocked your head like this. Look.


    SIMMONS: Like that. Yes, you did.

    CAVUTO: I never do that.

    SIMMONS: Yes, you did.

    CAVUTO: I never do — I'm happy for you. I'm happy for —


    SIMMONS: So, I went to Washington. I was there with...


    CAVUTO: Did you dress up like that when you were in Washington?

    SIMMONS: No. I was in a suit. I was with Chairperson George Miller.

    CAVUTO: Last time you were with me in a suit, it looked like a prom suit. What was that suit?

    SIMMONS: You're so hurtful. That was Bijan. You better...


    CAVUTO: It was. OK.

    SIMMONS: Prom suit.