• CAVUTO: No, Ben, I understand what you’re saying. But you’re called Spirit Airlines, right?

    BALDANZA: Right.

    CAVUTO: So, now I want you to act like Holy Spirit Airlines.



    CAVUTO: And I want you to give me a wholly honest pricing of your ticket. So, I understand what you’re saying. You have this discounted fare. Then you have these added fees added on. And I know the industry is very loathe to just give a flat ticket price or raise a ticket price to reflect some of these added charges. But wouldn’t that be in keeping with just honesty, to say, all right, from here, if it’s to Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, to any key city in Florida, this is how much we’re charging, all fees included?

    BALDANZA: Well, Neil, do you want to go to a restaurant that has one price, you pay 100 bucks, and you can order — you can order — you have to order an appetizer, you get your choice of entrees?

    CAVUTO: I’m not talking about a restaurant. I’m not talking about a –- I’m talking about you don’t have that kind of discretion when you fly.

    But, lately, the industry has just been adding all this other stuff. So, at least with a restaurant, I can open up the menu. Here it is. Here’s what I’m getting.

    With you guys — and no offense to your fine airline — I’m seeing this with a lot of your colleagues — you know, there’s a fee for this. There’s a fee for this.

    You know, I think Ryanair, overseas, is charging you to go to the bathroom. So, you know, I’m...

    BALDANZA: They’re talking about it.

    CAVUTO: It just seems like, my God, just stop it.

    BALDANZA: Well, you know, there’s certainly the option to offer a higher price and include a lot of fees. And there’s plenty of airlines that do that. American, JetBlue, a lot of them do that. But we’re a different airline. We offer you a really low fare, as much as — as low as one penny plus fuel, and give you the option.

    CAVUTO: OK. But you don’t charge for anyone to go — you don’t charge for anyone to go to go potty, right? So, that’s — that’s not bad.

    BALDANZA: No. And we never will, because that’s something you might need to do on the flight.

    CAVUTO: Sure.

    BALDANZA: Everything we charge for is optional.

    Now, let me give you an example, too. There’s an airline out there who is saying bags fly free, right?

    BALDANZA: I charge you — I challenge you to go to that airline’s ticket counter, give them your bag, and say, send it to Chicago for me.

    CAVUTO: Right.

    BALDANZA: That bag doesn’t fly free. It flies with you as a paying customer, and you pay for the bags, whether you check the bag or not.

    CAVUTO: All right.

    BALDANZA: At Spirit, we give you the chance to get a lower ticket if you don’t bring the bag. Isn’t that a good option?

    CAVUTO: Well, at first, I thought you were talking about in-laws here, but, yes, that’s a very good option.


    CAVUTO: We’re going to watch it closely.

    BALDANZA: Well, that’s right.

    CAVUTO: Ben, thank you very, very much.

    BALDANZA: It’s great talking to you, Neil. Love your show.

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