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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: On the first anniversary of the stimulus, everyone is asking where the jobs are.

    Instead of asking Washington, I think they should just ask Martha, as in Martha Stewart.


    CAVUTO: Her company just keeps growing, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia posting a 20 percent surprising jump in quarterly sales, that stock spiking more than eight percent today. It has more than doubled over the past year.

    Martha joins me now.


    CAVUTO: Maybe you should just go to Washington and handle this mess.

    STEWART: No, thank you.



    STEWART: I still am building my company and growing it. And we're having a really good time doing it. And we are into all kinds of new things for the new year, too.

    CAVUTO: All right.


    CAVUTO: We're going to get into some of the new things. But...

    STEWART: Great.

    CAVUTO: ... I know you can't into all the financial particulars at the company, but, generally, the trend has been your friend, and whether it's folks feeling more confident.

    But, here, globally, there does seem to be a response, even publishing to a degree, while still down, up ticks in some key areas.

    STEWART: Well, a little bit, yes.


    CAVUTO: What is going on here?

    STEWART: Well, I think the consumer is still wanting to live well, wanting to feed its — feed the family, wanting to garden. They're doing all the things — they're — they're crafting like crazy. Our craft business is really doing extremely well. I mean...

    CAVUTO: Why is that?

    STEWART: Well, because people want to feel good.

    I mean, it's very — it's a down world out there. The news every day is a little bit depressing. But, when you go home, you want to — it's not just being a couch potato. We're not couch potatoes any longer. I think people are real doers.

    And they're fixing up their homes. They are buying paint. They're buying outdoor furniture. They are...

    CAVUTO: But are they more optimistic than they're given credit for?

    I always think that the media, maybe ourselves included, tend to create this grim image. And it may not be that bad.

    STEWART: I don't know. I think — I think people are still wary. I think people are still feeling uncomfortable. They want to see some action, in terms of what the government is doing. They want to see some real steps forward.

    But — but, at home, as I say, our business is really home-centric. Everything we do is home-centric. So, we are trying very hard to give our — our customers the kind of things that they really desire and need for everyday living.

    CAVUTO: All right. Now, you're also part of this green push...

    STEWART: Oh, I am. I am.

    CAVUTO: ... these environmentally safe products. And you have got a lot...

    STEWART: I'm very proud of this. This — we just — we just launched our clean products.

    CAVUTO: I'm just so glad you brought products with you.

    STEWART: Yes.

    CAVUTO: That never happens.


    STEWART: Yes. Well, we bought — brought just two examples of 10 products. These are efficacious green products. They have no...

    CAVUTO: What makes them green?