• Here we go again: More spending in Washington, more viewers firmly convinced I'm only going after it now in Washington.

    Writes Alicia T. from New York City: "I don't recall you bemoaning the last president's spending spree. Oh, that's right, he was a Republican."

    Kimberly Allen e-mails: "So now you're upset about TARP. Where were you when the last president got the ball rolling?"

    John Emlin, Atlanta, Ga.: "Hey crackpot, this all started with the last crackpot. Where was your rage then?"

    John, plenty of rage then, because I was plenty clear then.

    Memories apparently very selective now. I've said it before, I'll say it again: I hate unaccountable spending and unaccountable bailouts and rescues.

    I hate it now and I hated it then. Don't believe me? Then let's go back in time, shall we? To when President Bush got these financial rescues going.

    Join me, won't you?


    CAVUTO, NOVEMBER 17, 2008: Who knew bailout also meant logging out your brain.

    CAVUTO, SEPTEMBER 22, 2008: It is our dough; forked over to our government. A government that says it has our best interests but refuses to even show those interests.

    CAVUTO, OCTOBER 3, 2008: So you stop being tough and you start being dumb. The only difference between the parents who cave and the politicians who cave? Well, the parents are really just blowing their money. The politicians are blowing ours.

    CAVUTO, SEPTEMBER 19, 2008: We are not capitalists, we're not free-marketeers. We're more like Mouseketeers: Funny to watch, hard to respect.

    CAVUTO, OCTOBER 3, 2008: Quit acting like asses and like the stewards of our money you're supposed to be. It is your job to address a crisis. It's not your job to say yes to the very folks who caused it. Calm. Calm. It's time to go to a bar.


    And for those who think I might have cut Republicans a break at the time, here verbatim, is what I was asking at the time, these are all Republicans.

    All Republicans, beginning with Ron Nehring, California's Republican state chairman, when I cornered him at a Sacramento tea party.


    • April 15, 2009

    Ron Nehring: I want all these people to be registered Republicans and to vote in our primaries and to chose the people…

    Cavuto: I just said they don't like Republicans either.

    Nehring: Well, they are the biggest of the Republican Party…

    Cavuto: They're, they're off your base.

    Nehring: Well we need to make sure that everyone knows.

    Cavuto: How do you do that?

    Nehring: Number one is by going on the Fox News Channel and by going on Fox Business and by coming on your show.

    Cavuto: Yeah but they told me on Fox News Channel they hate what's going on.

    Nehring: We can't raise taxes in California

    Cavuto: You just did!

    • November 13, 2008

    Rep. Chris Cannon (R-Utah): We need more oversight staff in Congress. That's something that is vitally important.

    Cavuto: Well didn't you know that when you voted for this?

    Cannon: Sure I did, now the reason I voted for..

    Cavuto: Why did you vote for it if there was no oversight?

    • Sept. 18, 2009

    Cavuto: You can't pick and choose, right? I mean you just said you were for Freddie and Fannie, I guess you were for Bear in the beginning, you're revisitng the idea.. what are you for what are you against?

    Rep. Jeb Hensarling: That is not true, Neil.

    • October 10, 2008

    Nick Brady, Fmr. Treasury Secretary: I am totally, 100 percent in favor of what's going on now...

    Cavuto: But this isn't, you and I have a different view of this maybe, and I respect the heck out of you like I say, but this is not free.