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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, you might have heard earlier today the president, in so many of his forums, was talking about, not only health care, but the fact that he thinks things are looking up, that we are coming out of this recession, a bit slowly, but we are coming out.

    Who better to know this than the — the woman who keeps track of what we're doing, or buying, or — or decorating, or cooking, or not decorating, or not cooking? I'm talking about, of course, the legendary Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart Living, so much.

    Good to see you.


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    And I — I'm happy the president is talking to us on a regular basis, and trying to make us feel a little better about what is going on. And I think it...

    CAVUTO: You think he talks too much, though?

    STEWART: No.

    CAVUTO: Really?

    STEWART: No, I don't. I miss him when he doesn't talk, because then I worry that maybe something is not happening.


    CAVUTO: But you know what? You pick and choose your media appearances. You don't overdo them. And — and I think that means you're — it carries more weight when you do come on. Like, when you come here, it's a big deal.

    STEWART: Yes, well...

    CAVUTO: This is not every day.

    CAVUTO: And — and...

    STEWART: But he is the president. And we — we need to know — I think — I think to be filled in pretty regularly on what's — what he is thinking and what — what his advisers are telling him, too. And I — I think....


    STEWART: ... good.

    CAVUTO: Well, his advisers were telling him today, Mr. President, we — we — we got a victory in the House on health care.

    And it could be closer to getting health care. What do you think of that?

    STEWART: Well, I think it is very, very important for to us have some sort of health care program in this country. And I have been working very closely — I don't know if you know this — with Mount Sinai Hospital on...

    CAVUTO: Right.

    STEWART: ... on elder care and — and — and a wonderful center, the Martha Stewart Center for Living, that has to do with taking care of the aging population.

    And — and so many of them are in tragic situations, with not enough health care. They're being told that they're living too long.


    STEWART: I mean, it's — it's kind of...


    CAVUTO: I always wonder, though, with that — I knew your involvement in this, and I know it's your passion — if we had national health care or government-run health care, wouldn't the elderly be under a — a bigger gun?

    STEWART: Well, I — I have been reading that maybe they would be.

    So, I think we have to, again, weigh every single aspect of this complex problem, and — and make sure they are not told, well, you have lived long enough.


    STEWART: And they're perfectly healthy and still very productive.

    And I think that — I think we have — and I think the president is taking into consideration a lot...

    CAVUTO: Yes.

    STEWART: ... of that. And his — his program is complicated.

    CAVUTO: It is. Man, oh, man, it's complicated.

    STEWART: And look — look how — I wouldn't want to sit in...

    CAVUTO: He doesn't even know what is in it.