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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, ahead of tomorrow night's final debate even some of John McCain's supporters are piling on, calling for him to get tougher, attack Barack Obama more on taxes, the economy.

    Reaction now from Meghan McCain. Of course, she is the senator's daughter, and author of a very — a very nice, touching book on her dad, author of "My Dad, John McCain."

    And it just ends at the point he's got the nomination. So...


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    CAVUTO: So, there may be a couple of pages you can add if he finishes it off.

    What made you do this?

    MCCAIN: I just thought it would be a really good way to bring my father's story to children, make it accessible. I actually met a lot of kids that were not familiar with his story.

    So, and it's such a labor of love. It's like — it was something that's very cathartic for me, to tell my dad's story through my eyes and my words. And I used actual pictures. And it was just — I really enjoyed doing it.

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    CAVUTO: I think there are a lot of adults who don't know the full story. Were you also reaching out to them?

    MCCAIN: Yes. I mean, it's for everyone. It's like a CliffsNotes version of my dad's life. And it includes real pictures, which is why I think it's cool, because it's actual, you know, parts of my family and things I literally ripped off the wall to put in the book.

    CAVUTO: Yes.

    MCCAIN: So it's good.

    CAVUTO: What did he say about it when he saw it?

    MCCAIN: Well, he was around for like the — you know, the dummy copies and the previews, but when I finally showed him the final copy, he got a little emotional.

    CAVUTO: Did he really?

    MCCAIN: Uh-huh.

    CAVUTO: Could I ask you something? And you heard obviously the guest we had on before. He was at one of your dad's rallies, loves your dad, but says you got to, you know, rev up the passion, bring the fight.

    That's the rap against your dad, that he's — he's doing neither. What do you say?

    MCCAIN: I think that the passion is there, but I think you just have to be careful.

    I mean, what Congressman Lewis said, I think that's the risk of the reaction. And I think it's — it's all very complicated. I certainly don't claim to know exactly what we should be doing. But for anyone to say that my father isn't passionate enough, that's one criticism I have personally never heard until recently.

    And I think just people are frustration with this election in general. You know, it's very intense. I was just watching this thing on the news said it's the most emotional election that people can remember in history. And I certainly feel emotional about it, and I know my friends do. So, that's probably...

    CAVUTO: Now, a lot of — for instance, talk about the youth vote. That is supposedly, depending on the polls, Meghan — and these things are dicey — but it's overwhelmingly for Barack Obama, young folks, like yourself, overwhelmingly for Barack Obama.

    I have a feeling who you're for, by the way.


    CAVUTO: But what do you make of that and that young people either they don't know the story that you've put here or they do know it and they just prefer Obama more?

    MCCAIN: I think it's a stereotype put out by the liberal media, and I never thought something like that would come out of my mouth.

    But I just — there are so many young people that comes to rallies, especially in the military, and my blog that I write is predominantly young people coming and reading it.

    So I just know the kind of traffic my blog gets. So to say that young people aren't interested in my father at all or...

    CAVUTO: So, you think we could have a surprising surge in young voters for your dad that's not showing up in the polls?

    MCCAIN: I do. And I think that, as a general whole, he does have a lot of young...

    CAVUTO: Yes.

    MCCAIN: ... voters and supporters. I meet them every single day. So...

    CAVUTO: I don't know how inside you are on the campaign, but a question I had for you, knowing you were coming, is why does the campaign seem to be holding Sarah Palin back? She's phenomenal on the stump. Maybe had a couple of dicey interviews. But she's — she's pretty good. Why not just let her rip?

    MCCAIN: I don't think they're holding her back. I mean, I think that she's been pretty aggressive.

    CAVUTO: But would you let her do every interview under the sun?

    MCCAIN: I think she's doing a lot of interviews. And I respect what she's doing. I think that I really enjoy those speeches she makes, and I think she's really good at what she's doing. And I think she should do every interview she wants. I think she's fantastic. So..

    CAVUTO: So, when you watch "Saturday Night Live" or some of these other shows that rib her or make fun of her, do you ever say, "Maybe she wasn't the one, maybe, you know, my dad's getting sidetracked on this other stuff and it's not fair to my dad"?