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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: In the middle of this Democratic confab, this Republican heavyweight, T. Boone Pickens, a Reagan Republican. He helped pay for those Swift Boat ads against John Kerry. And he came to the Democratic Convention without food-tasters. Is he nuts?

    Boone Pickens, what are you doing here?


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    CAVUTO: What are you doing here?

    PICKENS: Listen, I — you know, I — I came, you know, with — with a mission.

    And I am going to sell the Pickens plan. I have a plan, an energy plan for America, and I am going to sell it. And...

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    CAVUTO: And, so, you will go to the Democrats. Does that mean you are going to support the Democrats?

    PICKENS: I have gone to the Republicans, too. No, I...

    CAVUTO: Have you ever been to a Democratic Convention?

    PICKENS: Yes, today.

    CAVUTO: Yes. See?


    CAVUTO: No, no, that's why it's getting — now, this — John Kerry is speaking tonight. Did you meet John Kerry?

    PICKENS: Bumped into him on the floor just a minute ago, shook hands.

    CAVUTO: And how did that go?

    PICKENS: Very pleasant.

    CAVUTO: Did he squeeze extra hard?


    PICKENS: It was pleasant.

    CAVUTO: Did he mention the Swift Boat thing?

    PICKENS: No.

    CAVUTO: Really? So, you were gentlemen. Life went on.

    PICKENS: Sure.

    CAVUTO: All right.

    Now, Barack Obama has said a lot nice things about you, Boone. And you have, in turn, said nice some things about him. Who is your candidate?

    PICKENS: Oh, Neil, I don't have a candidate.

    I have said that my mission is not partisan. And I said, I have to be the lone ranger in this deal. I — I am not into the race. And that's what I told Senator Reid. We talked.


    CAVUTO: Harry Reid.

    PICKENS: Yes. And he said, Boone, are you going to be active in this campaign? I said, I am not. I can't sell the Pickens plan and be active. So, I said, count me out. I am on the sideline.

    CAVUTO: All right. But obviously you are going to vote.

    PICKENS: Well, we will see.

    CAVUTO: Wow. So it is conceivable that Boone Pickens could vote for Barack Obama?

    PICKENS: Unlikely.

    CAVUTO: OK. Well...

    NBC is not going to be running your follow-up energy ad campaign. Why not?

    PICKENS: No, they just — they just scratched one ad. That's...