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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: What if she were the running mate for Barack Obama?

    HARRIET CHRISTIAN, CLINTON SUPPORTER: I would not vote for the ticket.

    CAVUTO: Why?

    CHRISTIAN: Because I still feel that Obama does not have the qualifications to steal the election away from Hillary Clinton.


    CAVUTO: Now, Harriet Christian, she was the woman who became a YouTube sensation, the woman who said that, even — as the results of my question — Hillary Clinton were the number two to Barack Obama, she would still not vote for the ticket. She would go to John McCain.

    She says her views are expressed, to use her words, by millions of other die-hard Clinton supporters, among them, Geraldine Ferraro — I don't know whether she would actually jump fence to John McCain, but, of course, you know Geraldine Ferraro as an all-around class act and the first female vice presidential nominee in American history. She was Walter Mondale's running mate in 1984.

    Geraldine, always good to have you.

    What do you make of this?


    I think — I'm hearing from women all over the country. Pam said she has heard from people. I was talking to her in the green room. And one of the producers here was saying that she is getting calls from all over the country from women that are very, very angry.

    Now, will it make a difference?

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    CAVUTO: Very angry about what?

    FERRARO: About how Hillary was treated in the campaign.

    CAVUTO: Would they be less angry if she were on the ticket?


    FERRARO: I think some of them would be.

    CAVUTO: Would you? Would you?

    FERRARO: I don't think that that is sufficient for me.

    CAVUTO: Really?

    FERRARO: Really. I really don't.

    CAVUTO: So, you would vote for John McCain?


    FERRARO: No. No. I did not say that, that I would vote for...


    CAVUTO: You said that it is not sufficient for you.

    FERRARO: No. At this point, what I want to see is more than that.

    It is fine to put Hillary on the ticket, but this is — this is more than about Hillary. This is about how race and sexism has become part of this campaign, where both have been exacerbated in this country, and where sexism in this country — I sat at lunch with three of my partners, saying — they said, there was no sexism. People didn't like her.

    Of course, they're all white men. They said, nobody — I mean, people just don't like her. Some people don't.

    I said, that's fine. If you do not like her, you don't vote her.

    But it is the sexism I saw in the press. Do you know that we contacted Harvard — the Joan Shorenstein media institute? Do you know how they determine whether something is a negative story? They will only call it negative if three-quarters of it is negative.

    If it's 50/50 or — or — if a story is negative, it's negative.

    CAVUTO: So, what's your point?

    FERRARO: My point is, is that people don't see where racism — where sexism is in this country. We have got to stop it. And I want this to be the last campaign that this comes up with. And I have got to see what Barack Obama is going to do...


    CAVUTO: All right, you mentioned...

    FERRARO: ... before I turn around and say, yes, I am going be there and support him.