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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Pennsylvania now just 11 days away. My next guest says that it is time to forget about the Democrats and Republicans. We need an independent candidate to break up this corrupt two-party system, as he calls it, Jesse Ventura, of course, the former governor of Minnesota and author of "Don't Start the Revolution Without Me."

    Governor, how you doing?

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    JESSE VENTURA, FORMER GOVERNOR OF MINNESOTA: Neil, doing great. Couldn't be better.

    CAVUTO: Thanks for coming.

    VENTURA: My pleasure.

    CAVUTO: You look different. What is going on there?


    VENTURA: I always look different. This is the first time I have been clean-shaven in probably 35 years, because, even when I was governor, I had a shaved head. But I had a mustache. And, so, I like to change my looks.

    CAVUTO: You actually look meaner now. See, when you were governor, you look mean, but now you look even meaner.

    VENTURA: Well, I have to be. I'm here at FOX News.


    VENTURA: You know, you better look mean when you come here. I mean, I saw Newt Gingrich roaming the halls. You never know when he might jump you.


    CAVUTO: Well, I saw you on "Larry King." I thought they were going to serve you tea.

    (LAUGHTER) CAVUTO: Let me get your take on the race right now.

    VENTURA: Sure.

    CAVUTO: You have any horse in this race?

    VENTURA: No, I really don't.

    I really believe, Neil, that we should be offered if — if an independent is not allowed in, and is not allowed to debate, I really believe, in all local, national, and federal elections, we should have none of the above.

    Now, people chuckle at that, but what it really means is this: I am here to participate in voting. I am here to participate in the system, but it is a vote of no confidence in government. And that is a vote I would take today, because the Democrats and Republicans now have us $9 trillion in debt.

    Now, we work our whole private lives to hopefully leave an inheritance for our kids, right? Well, get ready. Your kids are going to not have a dime, because they're — eventually, that is going to come due, and it is going to come to the government. Everything...

    CAVUTO: Well, what makes you think an independent is the type to address that?

    VENTURA: Well, because they certainly aren't. Both of them spend like drunken sailors. The only difference is, the Democrats reach right into your wallet with tax and spend. The Republicans, they are more shifty and sneaky. They put it on the old credit card, which is the national debt. But they both spend...


    CAVUTO: You hate them both?

    VENTURA: Yes — I don't hate them. I just — I don't hate anyone. But...

    CAVUTO: How about loathe? How about loathe?

    VENTURA: Well, I just would prefer to take my country back. That's why I have...


    CAVUTO: All right, so, of the three prominent candidates — now, I know you address this in your book.

    VENTURA: Yes.

    CAVUTO: But you have the — Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain.

    VENTURA: Yes.

    CAVUTO: Who of those is the least offensive to you? How is that?

    VENTURA: Well, as the late, great Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead said, when you are made to pick the least of three evils, you are still picking evil, aren't you?

    Who is the least? Barack Obama. He is the newest. He is not so much a career politician as the other two. And I would say that, to me, he is the least of the three. But will I vote for him? No, I will not.


    CAVUTO: Right. OK.