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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, well, a burger big enough for a manatee, 134 pounds of meat, a 50-pound bun, a $350 price tag. It is the biggest burger ever.

    My next guest is selling what is called the Absolutely Ridiculous Burger at his Detroit restaurant.

    Steve Mallie is owner of Mallie's Sports Grill and Bar.

    Steve, what kind of reaction have you gotten?

    Video: Watch the burger being assembled

    STEVE MALLIE, OWNER, MALLIE'S SPORTS GRILL AND BAR: Oh, just incredible. I can't believe the reaction that we have had. I really didn't expect this. I expected maybe to get in the newspaper, but not all this. It is incredible, definitely incredible.

    CAVUTO: Who orders it?

    MALLIE: Someone with a large appetite.

    CAVUTO: Yes, indeed. Yes.


    CAVUTO: Well, ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer.

    MALLIE: There you go.

    CAVUTO: All right, so -- so, obviously, you have to get advance warning on this. You can't whip this up -- you don't have these warming on a grill, right?

    MALLIE: No. We're asking for a minimum of 24-hours notice. It actually takes 12 hours to actually cook the product. So, definitely, we have got to have at least 24-hours notice. The more time, the better.

    CAVUTO: All right, so, it is a group that comes in, right?

    MALLIE: Right.

    CAVUTO: OK. What is the smallest group you had down one of these things?

    MALLIE: Actually, we just added this on the menu as of Saturday.

    CAVUTO: Oh, really?

    MALLIE: No one has ordered it as until now.

    We have a group just ordered it for March 15. It's going to be the first one that's going out that is going to be ordered by the public. It is going to be awesome.

    CAVUTO: All right. So, the group that has ordered, have they given an indication who they are? You know what they are going to be? They are just a bunch of waifs, these thin little guys or women, you know? Wouldn't that be funny?

    MALLIE: Right.

    CAVUTO: Right.

    MALLIE: Oh, it's going to -- it's going to be great.


    So, you know what people are going to tell you, Steve. This -- the food police are going to tell you, this is what is wrong with America. This is why we are obese. They're serving 134-pound burgers to people, and that's why they -- that's why they that's bad.

    MALLIE: Well, we don't like to see anybody leaving with an empty plate.


    MALLIE: We want everyone going home with a to-go box. So, I think, this way, we are assured that someone is going to go -- take a little home for lunch the next day.


    Now, it's $350 for this meal. That is actually not too bad, you know, divided among -- I would go with two people, myself.




    CAVUTO: And we would just divide it, you know, but...


    MALLIE: Two large people.

    CAVUTO: Yes, 40, 42 pounds a pop.