• It all happened in 24 hours.

    News a very special uncle of mine had passed away.

    Then news a very special friend of mine had become a father, twice, for the first time.

    He had twins to consider now.

    I had a funeral to consider soon.

    Life is full of such mixed messages, I know.

    I guess I could wax profound and talk of lives ending and new ones beginning.

    I could ponder the great meaning of the human journey.

    But I cant. And I wont.

    My uncle Al was part of that greatest generation that expected nothing and demanded nothing, yet for this country willingly, voluntarily sacrificed everything.

    A simple man, who I think, and I'm biased, was a great man, because of his character, and his decency.

    A throwback to a time when men opened doors for ladies and opened their hearts to their families.

    He now joins his brother, and my dad, in what I hope and pray is a great place for this great generation. I can hear them swapping stories and laughing now as I ponder how alarmingly fast this generation is leaving us.

    Then I think of our future, and my friend Gary, and his newborn daughter and son, and their future. And whether they will hear that echo.

    Of a generation that refused to put itself first.

    And in so doing, made itself great.

    We are all the byproducts of that generation. I trust, I pray, I hope that in the future generations we nurture, we leave something of that greatness behind.

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