• Here's what I like about Ann Romney. She's not a victim. She doesn't act like a victim. Never asks for anyone's pity. Rarely mentions that she has a serious neurological disease at all.

    She's not a cause. Or a platform. A crusade. Or a cheerleader.

    She's just Ann.

    A woman married to the same guy for nearly 40 years, convinced he'd make a good president. You can agree or disagree on that.

    No disagreeing with her passion. Or commitment. Or selfless campaign style.

    She's a role model without ever intending to be. Because as she told me on this very set, providing an example sometimes matters more than providing a platform.

    We live in an age where anger trumps reason. And nothing triggers anger in a soul than illness in a body.

    It compromises everyday movement, and often, everyday freedom. MS can be and often gets to be a horribly debilitating illness.

    It saps your strength. Your energy. Your very state of mind.

    But if Ann is any indication, it doesn't sap your spirit.

    I remember hearing God defines character not by how you handle the things that go well, but precisely the things that do not.

    Ann Romney has a lot of character.

    Not because of her illness. But because you'd never know from hearing her, she even has an illness.

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