• What's happening in Israel right now is scary.

    What's extending to places like Lebanon, Syria and maybe even Iran is scarier still.

    The nuclear implications of North Korea are perhaps the scariest of all.

    But you know what scares me more than any of those scares? Someone right here in our own backyard, our own hemisphere. A fellow named Hugo Chavez, who runs a country named Venezuela. It's a country with a lot of oil, led by a guy with a lot of hate… for us.

    Picture Fidel Castro with a weapon and you've got a pretty good idea of Hugo Chavez with oil.

    Chavez just moved to halt petroleum shipments to nearly 2,000 U.S. filling stations. That move alone helped send oil prices rocketing on Wednesday. Renewed threats and renewed Middle East tensions, kept those prices rocketing to records today.

    My point is, we're focused on the crazies over there, but ignoring the big nut here… in our own backyard.

    A guy who's said we owe it to Castro's vision to keep it alive, even after he is dead. Who has meddled in no fewer than six countries' politics and tried to overturn two foreign elections. Never mind his mixed results, focus on his mixed up mind and not so mixed intentions.

    I tend to think a superpower can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can deal with Iraq, Iran, Syria and North Korea just fine. As long as we don't forget these far flung threats are relatively far from our home.

    Hugo Chavez is not.

    He knows that. Do we?

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