• Is General Motors playing "Scrooge" — announcing all these extra layoffs just ahead of the Christmas season?

    A lot of people are saying yes. I don't know.

    The way I see it, there's no good time to lose a job. So why prolong the agony?

    Yes, around the holidays is tough. But after the holidays isn't exactly easy either.

    I mean, is it any better to get hit with news like this after all those holiday bills?

    What if gm had waited until scores of employees naively went to the stores and bought a ton of gifts based on expectations of a paycheck they thought would be there?

    To me, that's cruel, that's mean and that's Scrooge-like.

    Which might explain why so many layoffs occur in November and December — the vast majority I'm told.

    Clearly companies want to clear the decks — and the books — for the New Year.

    I guess if it were me — and it were coming anyway — sooner cut me now, than keep me agonizing later.

    What do you think? Cutting before or after the holidays? What's fair?

    I'll share your thoughts and e-mails tomorrow.

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