• Tell me if this has ever happened to you. You're at an event and you get stuck talking to someone who you'd rather not get stuck talking to. I usually like most everybody -- my wife says that's because I'm hopelessly naive. There are exceptions though: negative people.

    I really lose patience with people who complain and whine and go on and on carping -- sort of what I'm doing now, going on about them! But seriously, I was next to this woman who seemed to know a lot about me personally and the subject of illnesses (search) came up.

    I'm sympathetic to such issues, since I'm pretty aware of such issues. But that's not the point -- this is: The woman wouldn't stop talking about how everyone was out to get her.

    She seemed to have a fairly minor ailment, but oh my God, the boss doesn't sympathize for her.

    The kids don't call her.

    The neighbors don't even bother to contact her.

    I nodded my head, desperately looking for the drink guy, but she was just warming up.

    She tells me that her feet swell, but her podiatrist is a jerk.

    Her kitchen's falling apart, but where on earth could you find an honest contractor? And on and on and on.

    I'm pretty sure she was a good person, although she clearly didn't have a good word to say about anyone, or anything.

    Into my third glass of wine I finally got up the gumption to say, "Surely something good is going on in your life?"

    She stopped, thought and then just when I thought she was about to say something positively profound, she went into grandkids, whose parents apparently rarely allow her to see.

    I wonder why.

    She asked me what she should do? In my now dizzy head, I "thought" “Shoot yourself!” But I "said," “Get a hold of yourself. You've got a lot of baggage. But you look like you can carry it. Consider yourself lucky."

    "Look at the alternative," I said. "You could be dead."

    She gave me a quizzical look, then she moved on.

    And I had one more drink.

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