High Tech Warriors on the Battlefield

Machines are changing the face of battle for American warriors. Today, never before seen technology from unmanned ground vehicles to unmanned aircraft gives U.S. troops an edge over our enemies, sometimes from half a world away.

In this episode of "War Stories," you'll see how the U.S. Army trains their soldiers in the scorching deserts of New Mexico on a system that uses both an unmanned "eye in the sky" and a robot on the ground to help them fight and locate the enemy. Take a look inside the operations at Creech Air Force base in the mountains of Nevada, where air crews launch hellfire missiles from Predators and Reapers flying over Afghanistan 8,000 miles away.

Learn how a 1930s Hollywood actor would play an instrumental part in creating one of the earliest unmanned systems used during WWII. Plus, see how a small unmanned ground robot used by the Germans in WWII to blow up tanks is a direct descendent of what our soldiers use today to hunt down improvised explosive devices.

As you'll see, the use of robots and unmanned aircraft has made engaging a target much safer and efficient, but is there a danger in relying too much on technology? What's in store for our future? Find out on "War Stories With Oliver North: High Tech Warriors on the Battlefield."


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