Monday, June 8 at 3 a.m. ET

Hosted by Oliver North

This year marks the 65th anniversary of Normandy — the biggest military operation in history.

On the morning of June 6, 1944, the waters of the English Channel along Omaha Beach ran red with blood of those who fought to free Europe from Nazi domination.

Eventually, two million brave Allied servicemen — many just teenagers — would cross those beaches under blistering enemy fire.

In this riveting episode of “War Stories with Oliver North,” you’ll hear from men who slogged through water up to their necks while weighed down by more than 100 pounds of gear.

You'll meet those who parachuted behind enemy lines in the midst of bullets and anti-aircraft fire.

From the beaches of Normandy and the D-Day museum in New Orleans, FOX News pays tribute to those you can’t hear from: The 29,000 troops who gave their lives to preserve America's freedoms and liberate Europe from Adolf Hitler.

Staff for this episode:

Executive producer: Pamela K. Browne

Producer and writer: Jim Gaffey

Editor: Andrew L. Dispensa

Designer: Greg Van Why


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