War Stories: The Pueblo Incident

Monday, April 2 at 3 a.m. ET

Hosted by Lt. Col. Oliver North

Thirty-seven years after what came to be known as the "Pueblo Incident," we will examine a story that has all the ingredients of a major Hollywood thriller... The story featured in our special one hour broadcast includes high tech espionage, communist villains and, most-importantly, American military heroes captured and subjected to brutal torture for months on end. And when it was finally over, a brave crew that returned to their homeland only to receive less than a hero's welcome.

Additionally, the Pueblo's captain, Cmdr Lloyd "Pete" Bucher (search), died on Jan. 28, 2004. In this compelling episode you'll see one of the last interviews ever done with him.

This is a story more compelling than any Hollywood film. It's the true story of the USS Pueblo and her brave crew of 83 men.

It's also an astonishing tale of miscalculation and mistakes that brought the United States to the brink of war. And it is the story of a staggering intelligence loss that compromised national security for nearly two decades.

Finally, this is a story for which the ending, after all these years, is yet to be written.

Please join us on Monday, April 2 as we revisit the remarkable war story of what will forever be known as "The Pueblo Incident."


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