War Stories: Choppers of Vietnam

Sunday, October 20 at 8 p.m. ET

Hosted by Lt. Col. Oliver North

The world’s first helicopter war took place in the mountains and jungles of Vietnam.   In this episode, you’ll meet the men who pioneered helicopter warfare…the high-spirited, low-flying pilots and their crews.

For the Americans in the Vietnam War, the Huey helicopter was their lifeline. It brought them food and water, ammunition, weapons and supplies. It carried them into battle and it carried them out when they were wounded. And for the first time, the helicopter itself was used as a weapon, incinerating the enemy with its rockets, grenade launchers and machine guns.

In this episode of War Stories with Oliver North you’ll meet famed commander Lt. General Hal Moore who led the legendary 1st Cavalry (Airmobile) to victory in the battle at Ia Drang.

Plus, you’ll hear from the Cobra pilots who supported the brave soldiers who fought and took “Hamburger Hill.”

And, one pilot tells us how he survived a fall from 4000 feet after a North Vietnamese missile split his Cobra in half.

Finally, you’ll see how these brave men paved the way for the Apache and Blackhawk pilots of today.

Senior Producer for this episode is Pamela K. Browne

The show was produced and written by Jim Gaffey

The editor is Ed Montague

Show designer is Greg Van Why



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