• With: Anthony Weiner

    WEINER: No, healthCare.gov is a shared state/federal responsibility.

    KELLY: Fine, you've made your point.


    KELLY: It's just as irritating as it used to be. But kind of fun too, it's kind of a weird combo that he and I have had for many, many years now.

    We did two parts. That was part one, part two, we're going to air on Monday. In that I asked him flat out, about what I said publicly about him many times, which is, I didn't understand, I have never understood how he could show such hubris on the air with me and others when he was walking around harboring such a secret. How is that possible? How could he go out there like that? I have never understood it. And we had a very robust exchange on that, set the DVR for Monday night, 9 o'clock.

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