• With: Anthony Weiner

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    MEGYN KELLY, HOST: I thought I could have my turn.


    KELLY: I thought I was getting my turn now, where's my turn?

    KELLY: Let me tell you sir -- you know, you're throwing everything at me so that I can't offer you any response.

    ANTHONY WEINER, FORMER CONGRESSMAN: I get an opportunity, you're doing an interview, so let me respond to your question.

    KELLY: Why don't you do a soliloquy. OK. You just take it away.

    WEINER: OK, this is the way interviews work, you ask a question and I get to answer.

    KELLY: Oh, thank you.

    WEINER: When you put your commentary --



    KELLY: Well, believe it or not, that was almost three years ago. Then New York Congressman Anthony Weiner and I were discussing that particular example, the Supreme Court case on the constitutionality of health care.

    But where we? I can't remember what we were discussing, health care?

    But the political landscape has changed a lot since then. Tonight, for the first time on "The Kelly File," Congressman Weiner is back to join us, to discuss the upcoming midterms and more.

    Congressman Weiner, great to see you.

    WEINER: And so, great to see you. And you know, you forget one of your very first shows when you were doing the midday, I came on as the guest.

    KELLY: I remember that, you were live on the set. And now it's been three years, what have you been up to?

    WEINER: Not much. Not much going on. A little of this and that. We're doing OK, you're doing great. I'm so proud to see how great you're doing.

    KELLY: Thanks.

    WEINER: It's a beautiful set. A great show.

    KELLY: Thank you very much.

    WEINER: Thanks for having me back.

    KELLY: You know, I comment on this publicly, every time something unfortunate happened in your political career, I was on maternity leave. And since we had sparred so often prior to that point, I really thought you were doing it intentionally every time I went --

    WEINER: Just want to give you the satisfaction --

    KELLY: I had that sense.

    How are you?

    WEINER: I'm well.

    KELLY: Do you feel like the American public is forgiving?

    WEINER: I think that people are decent. You know, when you walk down the street and you've had the moment -- I'm fairly well known in New York City, and people come up to me and they say variations of, you know, good luck to you. I mean, people are very nice.

    Now, we do live in an environment where people do talk a lot about the big fights. You know, you and I learned that firsthand, that we could have a civil conversation about ObamaCare, and no one interrupts anybody and no one will be talking about it, you and I get into a little bit of a dust up, and it's all over the place.

    Putting that aside, basically, Republicans, Democrats, people are decent, you know, they don't want bad things happen to their neighbors, they want bad things to happen -- and they're very kind to me, to me and my wife. And I love the city and I still get letters everyday from people saying, you know, go get them. But I also obviously, you know, there's a lot of snark out there too.

    KELLY: Yes. Especially now when they see the current mayor who stood to the left of you.

    Let me ask about this. One of the things we've talked about a lot is ObamaCare, and not that happened since, you know, you and I were having those discussions. Including last year the, quote, "lie of the year," according to the PolitiFact was the president's "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period."

    Do you agree that the American public was mislead on that.

    WEINER: Well, look, the American people has been misled by a lot of elements to this. As you know, I came on Fox News shows all the time, which you talk about death panels, which was obviously alive.

    KELLY: I know, but that sounds like a dodge.