Hobby Lobby case -- three reasons why corporations must have religious freedom

March 26, 2014 / Written By Fox News

In the run-up to the Hobby Lobby oral arguments at the Supreme Court, where the chain store is challenging the Obama administration’s abortion-pill mandate, some on the left have been aghast at the very idea that a corporation would assert a right to religious freedom.
Sure, they argue, individuals have rights, but how can a corporation?
Mitt Romney was roundly mocked in August, 2011, when he declared “Corporations are people, my friend” to an angry heckler. "The Daily Show’s" Jon Stewart had a field day, Mitt Romney abandoned the argument, and the culture moved on.
But comedy shows and mockery are poor substitutes for thoughtful constitutional jurisprudence. In fact, corporations must be able to assert First Amendment rights. Indeed, if they’re not able, we’ll lose both our religious freedom and our free-market concepts of private enterprise. 
Here are three reasons why:
First – and most obviously – corporations may have an independent legal existence but they are formed, staffed by, and act through individuals.
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