Passengers, crew stuck on ship trapped in Antarctic ice ring in 2014

January 03, 2014 / Written By Fox News

Passengers and crew who set off on an expedition to prove climate change are ringing in the new year in the same place where they have been for the past week: stuck in ice at the bottom of the world.

The 74 scientists, tourists and crew on the Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy, which has been trapped near Antarctica since last Tuesday, are expecting to be airlifted from the ship by a helicopter.

"Happy New Year everyone from the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 2014! #spiritofmawson," the leader of the expedition, University of New South Wales Professor Chris Turney, posted on Twitter.

Andrew Peacock, a doctor on board, said the passengers are frustrated but are trying to keep their spirits high with a New Year’s party they planned in the ship’s bar.

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