Obama and Hillary Clinton most admired man and woman? Gallup says so

December 30, 2013 / Written By The Washington Times

Among the sea of recent polls that show President Obama is falling big time with the American people — due in part to Obamacare blunders and in part to his dishonesty about the health care rollout — now comes Gallup with a ray of light: He’s still the most admired.
“For the sixth consecutive year, Barack Obama ranks as the Most Admired Man among Americans,” Gallup reported on its website.
And Most Admired Woman?
That would be Hillary Clinton, the polling agency found.
“Both won by comfortable margins,” Gallup reported. “Sixteen percent named Obama, compared with 4 percent each for former President George W. Bush and Pope Francis. Clinton [at 15 percent] finished ahead of television personality Oprah Winfrey [6 percent], first lady Michelle Obama [5 percent] and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin [5 percent].”
The poll, conducted Dec. 5-8, simply asks respondents to name the man and woman in the world who is most admired.
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