Denver Post sanitizing the Arapahoe shooter’s political beliefs

December 17, 2013 / Written By Mediaite

On Friday, the Denver Post published a piece in which they delved into the shooter’s outspokenness regarding his political beliefs. A number of students talked to the Post about the shooters left-leaning political philosophy, his desire to see stricter federal gun regulations, his regular mockery of Republican officeholders, and his devotion to “Keynesian,” demand-side economics.
The Denver Post saw fit to print all of this, as well as one student who said the shooter identified as a “socialist.” This statement was, however, retroactively deemed by the Post’s editors to have been too inflammatory. The shorthand descriptor was stealth-edited out of the story with no explanation. The shooter evolved from a “very opinionated socialist” to simply “very opinionated.” “Opinionated” about what? Well, the reader is left to put the pieces together himself.

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