Beckel reveals someone very close to the White House ‘bludgeoned’ him for speaking out on delaying ObamaCare

October 24, 2013 / Written By The Five staff


·         To open – Bob will tell what he can about this story: Beckel Reveals Someone Very Close to the White House ‘Bludgeoned’ Him for Speaking Out on Delaying Obamacare [LINK

·         Blame Game: Hearings today on Capitol Hill on Obamacare website.

·         This is just the beginning… George Will: “When they fix the website, their real problems will begin” [LINK]

Fox News: Fox News Poll: 60% of voters think implementation of ObamaCare is 'a joke' [LINK]

Fox News: Dems join call to delay ObamaCare mandate amid website failures [LINK]

Wall Street Journal: Troubled Health Site Cost At Least $400 Million [LINK]