Pressure mounting on HHS Secretary Sebelius to testify about ObamaCare's rollout

October 21, 2013 / Written By The Five staff


·         Where’s Sebelius?  Pressure is mounting on her to testify but she’s evidently not available for the hearing this week.  Last week, Carney said she had the confidence of POTUS.

·         Is the media finally waking up (or is this just CYA now that the rollout has been an utter disaster)?  Julie Pace says WH is lying about Obamacare enrollment numbers. [LINK]


Sebelius on the Run: The HHS Secretary refuses to testify about ObamaCare's rollout

The Affordable Care Act's botched rollout has stunned its media cheering section, and it even seems to have surprised the law's architects. The problems run much deeper than even critics expected, and whatever federal officials, White House aides and outside contractors are doing to fix them isn't working. But who knows? Omerta is the word of the day as the Obama Administration withholds information from the public.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is even refusing to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee in a hearing this coming Thursday. HHS claims she has scheduling conflicts, but we hope she isn't in the White House catacomb under interrogation by Valerie Jarrett about her department's incompetence. The department is also refusing to make available lower-level officials who might detail the source or sources of this debacle. Ducking an investigation with spin is one thing. Responding with a wall of silence to the invitation of a duly elected congressional body probing the use of more than half a billion taxpayer dollars is another. This Obama crowd is something else.

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