Shutdown developments today

October 11, 2013 / Written By The Five staff
  • Shutdown developments today. 
  • 1115EDT -- POTUS & VPOTUS meet with the Senate Republican Caucus. 

Also on our radar: Today is the kickoff of the annual Values Voter Summit in DC (gathering of religious and social conservatives from across the nation) Cruz, Paul, Rubio, Ryan, Ben Carson, Allen West, others will be speaking. [LINK]


House Republicans offered a plan yesterday to extend the govt's ability to borrow money for 6 wks, but insisted Pres Obama first agree to fresh negotiations on spending cuts. Under the GOP plan, the partial govt shutdown would continue. Senate Republicans will meet with Obama this morning. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Ldr Reid, who blamed the need for raising the debt limit on expenses racked up during the Bush admin, said the Senate would hold an up or down procedural vote on a clean debt ceiling bill.