Obama approval in a new AP poll is a paltry 37%

October 09, 2013 / Written By The Five staff
  • Shutdown: Day 9 -- Obama approval in a new AP poll is a paltry 37% - one of his lowest of his presidency. And in a press briefing yesterday, the president sought solace in unconventional media where HuffPost Sam Stein’s question sounded more talking point than query. [LINK] Brit Hume called the president out on this last night. [LINK] Meanwhile, Rep Sean Duffy (R-WI) in heated exchange with Andrea Mitchell points out the media bias extends into healthcare “media should start doing its job” [LINK]
  • Has Obama thrown the GOP a lifeline? Krauthammer says Obama is backed into a corner with the debt ceiling deadline and the Republicans should pounce but should they use health care of entitlements as their demand?  [LINK]

Breitbart: Media Fail: Obama Approval Plummets To 37%

In today's edition of polls the media will collectively ignore, a new AP-GFK polls finds that Barack Obama's job approval rating has plummeted to 37%. The President's disapproval rating is up to 53%. There is no good news in this poll for anyone, but if past is prologue, this is the number the media will pretend does not exist as they attempt to manufacture a reality where only the GOP is in trouble over the shutdown. 
While the poll shows that 62% blame the GOP for the shutdown and "[a]bout half said Obama or the Democrats in Congress bear much responsibility," here are other important numbers the media will ignore in this poll: 
Both Republican House Speaker John Boehner and Democrat Senate Majority Leader share a dismal 18% favorability rating. 
A full 52% of those polled believe "Obama is not doing enough to cooperate with Republicans to end the shutdown; 63 percent say Republicans aren't doing enough to cooperate with him."
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