ObamaCare enrollment nightmare

October 08, 2013 / Written By The Five staff

  • ObamaCare enrollment nightmare… Carney can’t answer questions about enrollment numbers… Neither can Kathleen Sebelius… Jon Stewart grilled her on ObamaCare glitches and why individuals can’t get the one year delay like big corporations. Then in a rare monologue at the end of the show, Stewart accused Sebelius of “lying” to him. Sebelius went on a comedy show to defend the dysfunction?
  • USA Today editorial board “Exchange launch turns into inexcusable mess”, an “epic screw-up” [LINK]
  • ASIDE from glitches…as ObamaCare begins to roll out, some people who already buy insurance on the individual market are getting cancellation notices. For others, they are getting offers on the exchanges for coverage at double and triple their old rates. [LINK]
  • Which is real problem/threat to economy 17 trillion in debt or not raising the debt ceiling on Oct. 17th? New Fox News poll: Most Americans wouldn’t vote to increase debt ceiling:  37 percent would vote in favor of it, while 58 percent would vote against it. [LINK]
  • Democrats showing signs of cracking over debt ceiling, some lawmakers aren’t sure if they’re on the same page as the White House. [LINK]