• With: Charles Krauthammer, Kirsten Powers, Tucker Carlson

    POWERS: Well, things are very in flux right now but the writing seems to be on the wall that something is gonna have to give here, and if the United States has to be the leader in it, then we may be seeing a similar -- to the Libya situation.

    ROBERTS: But what?

    Powers: Well, you know, whether they're arming, rebels -- which they're trying to determine whether or not -- who the rebels are and whether they're people we should be arming, but getting involved in some way to provide some support.

    ROBERTS: Tucker?

    CARLSON: Hard to see why we have the moral obligation necessarily to get involved. I'm not sure what the answer is. You could certainly make the case that the status quo, a blood thirsty dictator Assad could be better than A, chaos, or B, an Islamic fundamentalist blood thirsty dictator. So maybe things staying the same is not the worst option.

    ROBERTS: Should we arm or not arm the resistance?

    KRAUTHAMMER: We should are, exactly as we did -- we succeeded in Nicaragua in the 80's, Afghanistan in the 80's in driving out Soviet clients and lackeys. It's so obvious that we ought to be speaking about not humanitarian aid which will be useless against the regime that, as we see in those pictures, is destroying and deliberately destroying a civilian population. It should be military assistance. And why the administration is resisting that, I do not know, particularly after the way that the president spoke on Libya -- that we cannot stand by as a population is being slaughtered. No one is asking for American intervention, but American weapons and training, absolutely yes.

    ROBERTS: Great to see you all tonight. Thanks so much for dropping by. I hope you have a good weekend. Charles Krauthammer, Kirsten Powers, Tucker Carlson, great to see you.

    KRAUTHAMMER: Thank you.

    ROBERTS: That's it for panel. Stay tuned, though, to find out about a couple of gorillas on the loose.

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