• CARTER: It’s inevitable in America that there will be factions in religion. In my own hometown, we have 635 people. We have eight different churches inside the city limits plus three on the outside, just for that small number of people.

    We get along fine. There is no altercation or argument, there never has been in my lifetime, between Methodist and Baptist or Lutherans and so forth. The altercations on a national basis come quite often among schisms within a particular denomination. And they are caused most often by the socially sensitive subjects: abortion, homosexuality, death penalty, and so forth. This is what Paul told the troubled early churches when they were bringing in these all these extraneous social issues on an almost exact parallel to what we have now. Paul said, "Forget about those extra things on the religious basis. Let them be handled by governments and in the secular affairs. Remember in religion to bind yourselves together by faith to in Jesus Christ as a way for salvation." And this is what I hope we could do in the future because the more we remember that simple phrase then the more we’re drawn closer to Christ. And as we’re drawn closer to Christ, we get closer to one another.

    SERRIE: President Carter, thank you so much. Merry Christmas.

    CARTER: It’s a pleasure to talk to you.

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