Gitmo Gets $500 Million Touch-up

Bare Necessities?


The Pentagon has spent at least $500 million to renovate the U.S. Naval station at Guantanamo Bay since 9/11.


The Washington Post reports expenditures for the 5,500 residents include $249,000 for a volleyball court; $296,000 for an unused go-kart track and $3.5 million for 27 playgrounds that are often vacant. Another $7.3 million was spent on baseball and football fields and $97,000 for a roller-hockey rink. 


A Pentagon spokesman tells Fox News the installation houses military and civilian personnel and their families and that shipping costs factor into high prices.


Healthy Choice

On a day when voters in a handful of states head to the polls, the White House is launching a PR campaign to address skepticism over the new health care law. 


President Obama will hold a nationally televised Q-and-A session with seniors Tuesday; the same week rebate checks will be mailed to Medicare beneficiaries.


Political analyst Larry Sabato says of the primary-day timing, "Many Democratic candidates are nervous that without a continuing sell from the White House, health care will cost them votes in November."


Lesson Learned


The health care debate was a major topic during last summer's contentious town hall debates, which could be why many Democrats are skipping such events this time around. 


The New York Times reports of 255 House Democrats, only a handful held town hall-style forums during last week's recess, with many favoring invitation-only and other controlled events, like a wine and cheese invite-only event for a Maryland lawmaker. 


Mediaite joked about the town hall hesitancy, saying "cry me a river of chilled wine!"


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