Sources: Yemeni bombings likely work of ISIS

By James Rosen

Yemeni diplomats tell Fox News they believe today’s quadruple suicide bombings at two mosques in Yemen were likely the work of ISIS and not Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

The sources cited not only the claim of responsibility formally issued by ISIS-affiliated militants and the denial of responsibility formally issued by AQAP, but the fact that historically, AQAP has sought, in its attacks, to limit civilian casualties – and the extraordinary civilian death toll of today’s attacks, including scores of children, points to a different organization. Yemeni officials expect the death toll to rise dramatically overnight, and to approach 150.

As for even more recent AP bulletins reporting that AQAP has seized control of the Southern city of al-Houta, capital of the Lahj province, sources said the proliferation of tribesmen in that area – with some loyal to deposed President Hadi, others secessionist, still others pro-AQAP – makes it very difficult to discern who is doing what.

The Shi’ite Houthi rebels, long based in the north, have no real presence in the south. They seized control of the capital Sanaa in September and effectively run it today. They have seized large numbers of weapons in the country from various armories and depots. The U.S. for its part, only maintains communications with Hadi. Iran has amped up its political support of the Houthis in recent weeks, pledging a massive aid package including the provision of fuel derivatives, power plants, maintenance help, the rehabilitation of deteriorating ports, etc.

The capital is now largely empty of feign diplomats, save for a handful of Arab nations, the Russians, the Chinese, and the Iranians.

The next critical juncture is a set of mediation talks between Hadi loyalists, the Houthis and other parties, set to be held in April in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Until then, analysts foresee a continued, albeit low-intensity conflict, with regional lines being drawn across the country.

The sources described today’s bombings as the worst mass-casualty attack on civilian life in modern memory.

Pew Poll: Americans concerned about privacy amidst domestic monitoring

By Special Report College Associate Ford Fischer

A new study by the Pew Research Center was released this week, detailing the views of Americans about the state of government domestic spying and how they have changed their habits as a result. This study comes nearly two years after details of these programs leaked through former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

An overwhelming majority (87%) of Americans are at least somewhat aware of the surveillance programs. Of these, a strong majority (61%) feels that they have become less confident that these programs serve the public interest. Further, the majority of both parties (70% of Republicans and 55% of Democrat) say they have lost confidence.

A full 57% described the monitoring of US citizens as unacceptable. At issue seems to be whether the targeting is too broad. While most say that have lost confidence in the programs, 82% still feel that monitoring suspected terrorists is still acceptable.

Many Americans say they have changed their behavior as a result of the revelations. Over one third (34%) of those who are aware of the domestic spying have taken steps to shield themselves. According to the poll: “17% changed their privacy settings on social media; 15% use social media less often; 15% have avoided certain apps and 13% have uninstalled apps; 14% say they speak more in person instead of communicating online or on the phone; and 13% have avoided using certain terms in online communications.”

What are your thoughts?

Tax payer funded charters spell more trouble for Hillary

In the four years leading up to her 2008 presidential campaign Hillary Clinton spent more than $300,00 on private charters at tax payers expense-- a practice that while legal raises questions about whether or not she pushed the boundaries of the law.

The use of charter travel is common on both sides of the aisle and lawmakers frequently ramp up the travel as they approach re-election. Paul Singer at USA Today found 28 of Clinton's office flights traveled outside of New York and in 2006 she spent more on charters than any other senator. A Clinton spokesman says  "she constantly crisscrossed the state to meet with the people she represented" and her travel was part of "her tireless work on behalf of New York."

This latest revelation is not illegal, but couldn't come at a worse time as the Clinton camp works to write a positive narrative ahead of kicking off her campaign. She is stuck with yet another round of negative press that could give many Democrats second thoughts about making Hillary their next nominee.

2016 Contenders: Rand Paul

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Fox News Reporting: Unholy War--The March of ISIS

As ISIS cuts a swath across the Middle East with unparalleled brutality, how will the world respond--and will America lead, or follow?  Fox News Reporting shows you the damage wrought by ISIS as few have seen it, with exclusive stories and footage of the devastated families whose only mistake was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And, Bret Baier exclusively speaks to President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt, a rare leader in the region who has stood up to Islamic terror, and dared call it by its name.  All this and more in Unholy War—The March Of ISIS.

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HRC EMAILS: Hackers, Citing Security Lapses, Probe Clinton Server System

By James Rosen

Stirred by the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server when she was secretary of state, a determined band of hackers, IT bloggers, and systems analysts have trained their specialized talents and state-of-the-art software on, the domain under which Clinton established multiple private email accounts, and uncovered serious lapses in security, according to data shared with Fox News.

The findings call into question Clinton’s confident declaration, at a hastily-arranged news conference in New York on Tuesday, that “there were no security breaches” in her use of a private server. One prominent figure in the hacker community, bolstered by long experience in the U.S. intelligence community, has undertaken to build a virtual “replica” of Clinton’s server configuration in a cyberlab, and has begun testing it with tools designed to probe security defenses. This individual has shared details of the Clinton system not disclosed publicly but legally obtainable.

Among other things, outside experts have managed to trace the most recent location of Clinton’s server – something she did not specify during her news conference and a subject of much speculation, as the server’s physical placement would provide early clues about whether the data stored on it was adequately secured against compromise by private-sector hackers and foreign intelligence services.

Fox News has previously reported that, with the aid of software named Maltego, experts had established that the server is up and running, receiving connectivity to the Internet through an Atlanta-based firm called Internap Network Services Corporation. Clinton’s stern insistence at her news conference that her server “will remain private” would appear to rest, then, at least in part, on the inviolability of Internap.

Now, working with publicly available tools that map network connectivity, experts have established that the last “hop” before the mail server’s Internet Protocol, or IP, address (listed as is Internap’s aggregator in Manhattan (listed as “This is a very strong indication that the server is in Manhattan,” the source told Fox News. By entering the IP address for the Internap aggregator into existing databases, the experts obtained the exact geolocation coordinates for the aggregator – which an attached screen-grab revealed to be on lower Broadway, at the intersection with Chambers Street, some two blocks north of City Hall. This in turn suggests that the Clinton server itself lies within close proximity – most likely former President Clinton’s Harlem office, and not as far away as the Clintons’ home in Chappaqua, NY.

That outside experts could so swiftly unearth such information left them convinced that the server remains, as presently configured, highly “vulnerable” to unauthorized intrusion – even if, as most observers suspect, the server, with so much publicity now attendant on it, is no longer in active use. The hackers further concluded that Clinton’s email operation was likely not much better secured when she was secretary of state.

To test that proposition, they took the relatively simple step of examining the source code on the front page of This yielded the discovery, sources told Fox News, that the Clintons have not been using the latest version of Microsoft Outlook Web Application (OWA) to send and receive emails. The most recent version of OWA is listed as, whereas tests show to be using the older 14.2.390.1. “[It’s] an indication they’re not keeping up with software upgrades,” one hacker told Fox News. “If I were a bad guy, I'd start looking for any vulnerabilities in that older version they're using.”

Work on the “replica” of the Clinton system also determined that the certificate for its TLS, or Transport Layer Security, is invalid – a lapse that “makes the site less secure,” the source said. A screen-grab provided to Fox News, illustrating the results of this test, showed the word “FAIL” appearing twice in a multifaceted stress-test for the security defenses of

Perhaps most concerning, private analysts determined that has been running an older model of Microsoft Internet Information Services, or IIS – specifically version 7.5, which has been documented to leave users exposed on multiple fronts. The website, which bills itself as “the ultimate security vulnerability datasource,” is awash with descriptions of serious security vulnerabilities associated with version 7.5, including “memory corruption,” “password disclosure vulnerability,” and the enabling of “remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service.”

The cyberlab technician who discovered the Clintons’ use of version 7.5 marveled at “the vulnerabilities the Clintons are ignoring” in an email to Fox News. “This is a big deal and just the thing real-world hackers look for in a target and will exploit to the max,” the source said. “Several of these vulnerabilities have been known since 2010 and yet HRC is running official State comms through it.”

Coupled with the earlier disclosure, first reported by Bloomberg, that the Clinton system used a commercial encryption product with “a default encryption certificate, instead of one purchased specifically for Ms. Clinton’s service,” these latest revelations suggest a complacent approach to server security on the part of the secretary and her aides.

Representatives for Clinton have not responded to multiple requests for comment. Spokesman Nick Merrill has released a FAQ document stating that “robust protections were put in place” on the server, with “upgrades and techniques employed over time as they became available, including consulting and employing third party experts.” Merrill added that “there is no evidence” that the server was ever hacked, and said there was never an unauthorized intrusion into the secretary’s email.

The Merrill document stated that Clinton’s server “was physically located on her property, which is protected by U.S. Secret Service,” but did not address its present location.

Just the original decision to use a private email account, with Clinton’s own surname embedded in it, has baffled the hacker community. The analyst with experience in the intelligence community and as a “white hat” hacker, the kind corporate firms retain to conduct “penetration testing” that exposes businesses’ cybersecurity lapses, told Fox News: “If we learned that the foreign minister of a major foreign country was using her own private server to send and receive emails, and was relying on outdated commercial software to operate and protect it, that’d be a hallelujah moment for us.”

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