Krauthammer on Ben Carson’s Trump endorsement: ‘How interesting and how pointed was the timing’

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Friday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that Ben Carson’s endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was carefully and strategically timed to follow Thursday’s primetime debate.

“Look at how interesting and how pointed was the timing of this. Trump planned it for the morning after the debate,” Krauthammer said. “He’s always been able to steal the thunder of whatever story’s coming out of the debate.”

Krauthammer said the endorsement was “insurance” if Trump had a bad night  – but in fact, the Trump campaign needn’t have worried.

“Trump didn’t have a bad debate. There was no debate the night before,” Krauthammer said, adding, “His opponents have no idea what to do, and they hung back.”

Krauthammer said this may have been a misstep on the part of Trump’s opponents, who lost a crucial opportunity to challenge the front runner.

“[Trump] escaped completely unscathed,” Krauthammer concluded.

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Krauthammer: Christie endorsement “legitimizes Trump”

Charles Krauthammer told viewers Friday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that the endorsement of Donald Trump by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today “legitimizes Trump.”

Krauthammer said the endorsement is “extremely important” and may be the start of more support coming Trump’s way.

“In a sense what he does is he gives license to other senators, congress people and governors to go ahead and endorse and I think there will start with a trickle but you will not be the first one,” Krauthammer said.

He also noted that the Christie announcement was a successful media management strategy by Trump to shift the attention away from his performance in Thursday evening’s GOP debate. 

George Will: Donald Trump is "on a glide path" to the Republican nomination

Syndicated columnist George Will told viewers on "Special Report with Bret Baier" that billionaire and presidential candidate Donald Trump is "on a glide path" to the Republican nomination after winning the Nevada caucuses on Tuesday as well as recent victories in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

"Trump can reasonably feel  he's on a glide path to the nomination and therefore he ought to play defense. But the way he plays defense is by offense  by constantly throwing hand grenades and monopolizing the  conversation day by day," Will said.  

The latest salvo did not  come from Trump's competitors Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz but from 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who knows a thing or two about the pitfalls of releasing one's tax returns, speculated that there could be a "bombshell" in Trump's tax filings.

Will believes Romney could be on to something, "He showed how a  gentleman used his stiletto on Neil Cavuto's show by definitely moving to the front burner the issue of  tax returns which will not go away." 

Krauthammer: Anti-Trump Voters Need to Consolidate Behind Another Candidate

Syndicated Columnist Charles Krauthammer told viewers on Wednesday's "Special Report with Bret Baier" that if GOP voters don't like Donald Trump then they need to stop splitting their vote among the other conservatives in the field. 

"The reason he's way ahead and it looks like a wholesale revolt is because the anti-Trump vote is so split," is how Krauthammer explained recent polls that show the Manhattan billionaire leading against his Republican rivals.

With South Carolina GOP voters heading to the ballot box on Saturday, Trump is in a fierce battle with both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, the latter who just gained the endorsement of the South Carolina governor, Niki Haley. 

Krauthammer pointed out that if voters don’t come together in their anti-Trump vote, then they may find themselves with the one candidate they don’t want.  "The problem is it has not consolidated and if it remains split, it may never consolidate and Trump will win the nomination," said the syndicated columnist.   

Vice President Cheney on Donald Trump: He sounds like a liberal Democrat

Former Vice President Dick Cheney joined Bret Baier Monday for Special Report. The former Vice President was asked about GOP front runner Donald Trump's comments attacking former President George W. Bush and the decisions made by the Bush administration over the Iraq War. Comments made by Trump at last Saturday's GOP Debate in Greenville, SC came amid controversy as the businessman accused the Bush administration of lying to the country about weapons of mass destruction, claiming they knew at the time there were none. 

"He sounds like a liberal Democrat to me, Bret. He's wrong and I think he's deliberately promoting those views to advance his political interest," Cheney said. "For Mr. Trump to suggest that--in my mind--is way off base. He clearly doesn't understand or has not spent any time learning about the facts of that period." 

Cheney was also asked if he would support Donald Trump if he was the Republican nominee. 

"I've said I'll support the nominee of my party. If he operates the way he is operating, sounding like a liberal Democrat, I don't think he'll get the nomination." 

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In Voter Revolt, we talk to the people to find out what we can expect in 2016.  People like Franklin Graham, a leading evangelist who’s so tired of Republican fecklessness that he quit the GOP; a Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter who feels the Democratic Party has betrayed her people; a small business owner who found it easier to come out as gay than to come out as a Trump supporter, and a Trump fanatic who’s giving away free “Donald” tattoos.

Fox News Reporting—Voter Revolt takes you down to ground level to see how the race for the White House promises to be a wild ride.

Krauthammer: Trump candidacy has “become normalized”

Charles Krauthammer told viewers Friday on “Special Report” that Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy has “become normalized” among the mainstream GOP.

“You get one or two start to endorse Trump essentially as a signal that it’s ok,” Krauthammer said.

A new Fox Poll out Friday revealed two tiers on the Republican side of the race for the White House. Donald Trump leads the pack with 34 percent with Ted Cruz behind him at 20 percent, Marco Rubio at 11 percent, and Ben Carson at 8 percent. Other GOP candidates are at 4 percent or less.

However, the poll also asked GOP primary voters if there is any candidate they couldn’t support against the democrat nominee in November. Trump topped that list as well with 15 percent saying they would refuse to vote for him.

“The number of people who are against him, Republicans, six, eight months ago was about sixty percent, 59 percent. If you’re down to 15 percent there’s an acceptance,” Krauthammer added.

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Krauthammer on Donald Trump: ‘He’s immune to the laws of contradiction’

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Wednesday on “Special Report” that Republican president frontrunner Donald Trump constantly contradicts himself -- with no fear of any potential consequences.

“I think the last six months have shown that nothing Trump has ever said in the past, even in the present, can ever be used against him, because for some reason, he’s immune to the laws of contradiction,” he said.

Krauthammer went on to cite Trump’s comments about Ted Cruz’s citizenship during a recent Republican debate.

“He brought up, of course, the Canadian citizenship, he said, ‘I’m protecting you against what the Democrats are doing… I promise I will never sue over this,” Krauthammer said, adding, “Then at a rally three days later, he said, ‘I might just sue.’”

While Krauthammer said this was a “trivial” example, he seemed assured the bevy of contradictions would continue.



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