Dr. Fuad Hussein

Dr. Fuad Hussein, Chief of Staff to Kurdish President Barzani, sat down with Bret for an exclusive interview for The Daily Bret. Dr. Fuad is here as part of a delegation from the Kurdish Regional Government to meet with administration officials on the recent advances in the US policy on ISIS in Iraq.

He spoke to Bret about the situation on the ground in the Kurdish region of Iraq as they defend against ISIS, and their remaining needs from the US government.

Obamacare Architect Under Fire Over Comments

Meeting at White House to seek common ground

President Obama held a lunch meeting today with Congressional Republicans following their midterm victory--was it for show or were they able to accomplish anything? 

Special Report Online: Midterm Election Coverage

Bret Baier and Chris Stirewalt breakdown the races to watch ahead of Election Day and take viewer comments via Facebook and Twitter as well as via Skype to answer questions voters want to know as they head to the polls. 

Twitter Conversations Around Midterm Elections

We sat down with Adam Sharp, Head of Twitter News, Government and Elections, to discuss some of the key issues voters across the United States are talking about ahead of Tuesday's  midterms. What is the number one thing people are talking about in regards to politics and this election? President Obama-- and we will see if that makes a difference when voters head to the polls.



Special Report Grapevine: Swing And A Miss

Swing And A Miss: General Motors was undoubtedly hoping for some good publicity out of last night's world series game where it awarded a shiny new truck to Giants pitcher and World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner. Chevy has gotten a lot of buzz, but it hasn't been good. "Chevy guy" started trending on Twitter after a not so graceful presentation of the keys. As you might imagine the Twitter-verse had a lot of fun with the stumble. To make matters worse the 2015 Chevy Colorado is being recalled. Deliveries of the trucks to dealerships are delayed because of an airbag flaw. But don't worry about Bumgarner--GM tells the Grapevine the truck on the field was just for show and his actual truck will come with any necessary service updates. 
Missed Connections: An Iraq war veteran and former Gitmo police officer says her counseling appointment at the Veterans Affairs was canceled for Mental Illness Awareness week. Army Reserve Major Leslie Haines says she never misses her sessions to treat high-level PTSD.  But the Military Times reports Haines appointment was canceled so the staff could attend a lecture associated with the week's activities. The VA says patients were supposed to be notified and Haines was the only one who did not get the message. But the irony of canceling therapy appointments-- because it's Mental Illness Awareness week-- was not lost on Haines. Quote-- "I was thinking i'm glad it wasn't National Suicide Prevention Day. This is definitely one for the "you can't make this *stuff* up file."
Isis in Crisis?: Finally, as we've reported previously on the Grapevine it's a tough time to be named Isis.  Restaurants sharing the name with the terror group are changing their signs. Women named Isis want the group to be called ISIL. Now there are rumors that Downton Abbey writers are killing off Lord Grantham's beloved dog Isis. Season Five does not air in the US until January, but in Great Britain some ominous foreshadowing in this week's episode where Lord Grantham and Lady Mary note the labrador is looking terribly listless and may have picked up a germ. The Independent notes that on the PBS show even the most trivial conversations are loaded with meaning. A spokesman insists the episode was written long before Isis took on such a negative connotation, but he would not confirm the fate of the dog. 

Special Report Grapevine: Surf's Up!

Six Days And Counting:  As you know, the midterm elections are six days away. Dozens of pivotal races across the country, including democratic senators battling for their political lives, fighting not just to keep their seats but also to maintain the balance of power.  But for folks who get their evening news from the big three networks this might be news to them. The networks' campaign coverage this election season has ranged from scarce to non-existent. ABC's World News Tonight ran its very first midterm election story this week. NBC, CBS, and ABC's evening newscasts provided viewers 18 minutes of election coverage total from September first through the beginning of this week.  If you think the networks have always had this hands-off approach to elections think again. For the 2006 midterms when things were looking pretty good for democratic candidates the networks were on board. They devoted 88 minutes to midterm coverage during election season. That's almost five times as much coverage as the 18 minutes spent during the same time this year. 
Surf's Up: Students at an Ivy League college will get college credit next semester for wasting time on the Internet. The English department at the University of Pennsylvania will offer a seminar entitled just that:Wasting Time on the Internet. It will be taught by renowned poet Kenneth Goldsmith.The description says "Students will be required to stare at the screen for three hours, only interacting through chat rooms, bots, social media and listservs." From there the students will extract or be inspired to write great poetry and prose. Quote-  "Could we reconstruct our autobiography using only Facebook? Could we write a great novella by plundering our Twitter feed? Could we reframe the internet as the greatest poem ever written?" Goldsmith tells Vice he wants to prove that time spent writing, reading, and interacting in the digital world should not be devalued.  
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Fox News Election Coverage 2014

Special Report Grapevine

Thanks A Brunch: Having a seat on the highest court in the land does not guarantee you a seat for brunch. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was turned away from a restaurant at his alma mater yesterday because he did not make a reservation. His honor was reportedly at Yale to receive an award from the law school. Above the Law reports Alito and his wife went to brunch at a restaurant in the Yale Hotel, but the hostess said it was full and they could not be seated. He said ok and left. Someone who recognized the justice asked the hostess if she knew who she had just kicked out--she said no. After learning who he was she told the person he should have made a reservation.

It should come as no surprise that even at his alma mater Alito went unrecognized. A poll finds two-thirds of americans cannot name even one Supreme Court Justice. Of that list -- Alito ranks seventh of nine when it comes to name recognition at just five percent. The least known -- Stephen Breyer-- at three percent.

Selfie Safety:  The Russian government is warning young people to lay off the selfies because of head lice. That recommendation comes from a department that regularly dispenses health advice. It claims multi-person selfies are one of the prime culprits for lice transmission because the little bugs can hop from one closely-bunched head to another.

The Force Is NOT With You: Finally, the force apparently was not with Darth Vader this weekend. A candidate for Ukraine's parliament, who legally changed his name to Darth Vader, was not allowed to vote because he would not take off his mask. The Internet Party candidate always wears full Star Wars regalia and promises to turn Ukraine into a galactic empire.Yesterday was election day and Vader arrived at his polling place, showed his ID, but would not show his face. He was denied a ballot.He said he was disappointed, but polls show regardless of the ballot he has little chance of winning. 

Midterms: Races to Watch



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